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Fertility Later in Life


Hi guys i was wondering about fertility later in life and how a short and well planned cycle with proper pct can affect ones fertility later in life. As far as i can tell it shouldnt have any affect if they are used correctly. Opinions??


I'm just about to start my first cycle, and my missus wants to try for another baby, so she is gonna get sme super test sperm!!

Hopefully my kid will be born with super powers


i'm confused? are you under the impression that you're more fertile while on cycle?

because that's definitly not the case!


I think it's kinda obvious from the superpower statement that eales is j/k. He should know by now that only gamma radiation is going to bestow freakish powers on his offpring.



This is only my experience, but I've cycled over the last 12 or 13 years, and have had two healthy boys aged 9 and 5.



I'm 40 and my wife got pregnant during a cycle. If you are dosing and pct'ing correctly it should not be an issue.


Thanks guys, what im saying is, say if you did a cycle at 25 properly, could it affect ones fertility/libido at 40?


Sorry to bump this, but it wasn't really answered....


I really really really doubt it


I think it's highly unlikely. Unless you really sabotage your endocrine system with incredibly huge amounts.


Do a pub med search, there are several examples of BB who juiced and became hypogonadal w/zero sperm count. With HCG/HMG regimens one was able to succesfully conceive. I am a big beliver in HCG use ahead of PCT and during cycles. I guess there is a treatment if you find yourself in that situation down the road. Good luck.


To qoute Curt Kobain

"Nature is a Whore"

My wife had a functioning falopean tube on one side with NO ovary (removed)

My wife had a healthy ovary with NO fallopean tube on the other side (removed ectopic pregnancy)

Guess what we had 3 kids in 5 years, the gynocologist said that even they don't understand how it works!, but it does!

My point is that scares about fertility are grossely overblown, people find a way to reproduce despite the odds because its' genetic goal #1. Obviously you can affect it but generally you REALLY have to try.