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Fertility Issues with AAS?


All the guys out there who don't yet have children are any of you worried about the sterility issues associated with AAS use?
I have just turned 30 and have been on for 5 months (3 month cycle 2 months cruising) I am seriously considering staying on HRT the only reason I can think of against this is the fertility aspect, I have never wanted children ironically, but am concerned that my attitude may change in the future.

How do you guys feel about this? I have read that hcg use will maintain the function of the testes, I know test makes me feel like more of a man in every way but knowing I'm sterile and couldn't father a child if I wanted to kind of sucks.
Thoughts opinions and feedback greatly appreciated...


As the very, very proud father of an 8 month old boy (conceived on cycle, no less), at 33 years of age, I strongly advise you to keep all of your options open.

I have experienced a lot in my life. I've traveled across the world, started businesses in foreign lands, had exciting nights with exotic women, and had the pleasure of making some pretty good money. I can assure you of one thing: Out of it all, nothing, and man I mean not nothing, can compare to just spending 20 minutes in the morning playing peek-a-boo and zerbert and just talking to my little boy just after he wakes me up. There is no greater feeling on Earth. None.

Sorry to get all emotive on the steroid board boys, but being a father is honestly about the manliest, and most honorable, role there is. If I had known what joy awaited me I honestly would have gotten started much sooner.

That answer your question? :wink:


awwwww, congrats Cortes!

I had no idea about this.

I just did my first two weeks of an 2wk ok/off cycle of test etc.. i did not know the issue of AAS making you infertile. Well, i know that they shut-down yoru balls after chronic use - but, if you're careful enough to do light cycles, keep your balls working throughout vis-a-vis HCG and have good PCT - there's no issue is there???

Know how you feel Cortes - i'm shagging a single mum of three and spent all last Sunday with her and her kids in the park, and they're fucking adorable. 11yr old girl, 6 year old boy, and 3 year old girl.

Would like to be a daddy too. How bad and how quickly do AAS effect your fertility???


Congratulations Cortes! thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling:
Out of curiosity how many months had you been 'on' for? I know we're all different I am just curious.
Wyldflower, I think you make a good point, if I am not 'greedy' and come off every few months (prisoner says he regularly recovers natural test production after 9 month cycles for his competitions) I don't use Deca and have tapered off successfully before after almost a year of being on.
I have never actually wanted children but the thought of not being able to father a child is a bit scary, I'm also finding now that I've reached the tender age of 30 women who don't have children want them and are put of by me saying I don't want the let alone saying I can't have them!
Good luck with being a father Cortes, although you don't sound like you'll be needing it!


Congratulations, Cortes!


Cortes - as the proud owner of 8 year old twins, I will resist the urge to take the wind out of your sails as I continually correct my spelling mistakes due to the food and stickiness that they have introduced to this keyboard.




Thanks everybody! I really, truly could not be a happier person right now.

As for fertility, there are a lot of guys who messed with themselves for years and still had multiple children. However, it's good you are thinking of things early on. Keep taking care of yourself. I was younger than you, but I did also used to have the idea that I would just be a bachelor forever. Let me tell you that things DO change, and it is NOT necessarily a bad thing.

Good luck.


If you want to get real crazy with the safety measures there's always the option of freezing your sperm.


Thanks, thats actually a very good idea (freezing sperm) and something I may actually do, I mean, why not? The thing that bugs me is I have
found HRT makes me a better man in every sense of the word, I am stronger, leaner, have more energy, last longer in bed, I have always had sleeping problems and found the increased work capacity helps me sleep better, I am more confident and have an increased feeling of overall well being. I feel that 200mg per week is more important than a proper 3 month cycle twice a year, thats something I could live without, I am just tortured a little by the thought of sterilizing myself, with my luck I'll meet the perfect woman (for me) and she'll leave me for being a jaffa (another British word, means sterile)
Right now I feel as Cortes felt and can see myself being a bachelor forever,
I have never, and still do not want children, but having just turned 30 (and panicking a little) know just how much things can change over a few years. I have been doing some deep thinking and have decided this is my plan...
I am going to taper of and recover natural test production, I detailed my last pct on the last page of the test taper thread and I am going to use a small amount of Gh to try and cement my gains over the last 6 weeks. I had Gyno surgery in June, smart Lipo to be exact which is quite new, and leaves no scars (they make an incision
on the frontal deltoid and use a long thin hoover type thing) Anyhow I was speaking to the surgeon, who was very liberal and quite a geezer (british word) I asked him about GH and his exact words, when I asked if it was dangerous were "No its good for you, but ethically I can't give it to anyone under 45 or I'll get into trouble"
I am due a follow up consultation, so I am going to ask him to get my blood work done (privately so there is no tainting on the medical records) before and after pct.
I am assuming that if I ask for a full panel of blood tests that will be sufficient, I have only ever used oral steroids once, 50mg winny for 6 weeks which I know is F%%k all, so I'm sure my liver function is fine as I rarely drink alcohol.
Thanks for the feedback guys, is there anything else I should ask this surgeon whilst I'm at it?


Just one point I would like to make - maybe you already know this. I don't think it is quite as easy as taking your ejaculate and sticking it into your freezer at home. I'm pretty sure that it needs to be flash frozen and then kept at -40C or something like that. If you are going the route of freezing, make sure that you take the proper steps so that you don't have a false sense of security - just sayin.

Good luck.



Thanks, no I wasn't going to stick it in the freezer next to the frozen peas! I'll speak to the doctor and if its something that can be done for a sensible price then I'll consider it an option.
Thanks for the advice guys i'll let you know how I get on.


Hahaha....good. Just checking - you never know.

Not to mention a power outage. Everyone else will be eating up the ice cream and you'll be busy scrambling with your sperm. :wink:


hCG will get the job done. 250iu SC/IM EOD will maintain baseline testicular function. Probably cheaper than sperm storage and keeps you looking and feeling better. With HPTA shutdown, you loose a major amount of pregnenolone production. Pregnenolone is converted inside the brain into neural steroids and support memory and well-being.


I ran test C and d-bol from the first of june till the end of aug over the summer,then I got my wife pregnant early october.


As a father of a 18 month old and another coming in a day or two i agree times a thousand. I also should have gotten started sooner.

To the OP:

I worried about it for a long time. I had kids no problem and feel very blessed to have been given this gift. You should be OK. No worries just be good to yourself.


Guy's, thanks for all the replies, to clarify re HCG, I could stay on my HRT and use HCG eod and that will maintain testicular function, as opposed to coming off, recovering and then starting again? I would definitely prefer to do things that way.


Yes, that is what you need to do. Read the "protocol for injections" sticky on the over 35 forum for more context.


HCG is a fantastic thing, and cheap too.

Keeping the balls ticking does more than just speed recovery and prevent infertility...

It keeps normal cholesterol processes running smooth, really helps your mood and overall quality of life while on.


just saw this , i know EXACTLY what you mean , nothing compares to being a father, when my kids were born i realised exactly what the meaning of life is …