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Fertility Improvements while on Enclomiphene (NOT Clomid)?

I’ve been reading about enclomiphene recently. I’m only really interested in it from a fertility perspective, no interest in trying to replace TRT with it or anything like that long term.

I’m going to be doing a sperm analysis this week it looks like (trying to get the wife pregnant and didn’t happen again this month most likely) and I know if that comes back bad I’m going to have to look at other options beyond the current 1500 IU’s a week of HCG I’m on. Side effect wise enclomiphene actually seems pretty decent compared to clomid, and I know clomid can be quite effective from a fertility perspective, despite the bad and probably well deserved reputation of side effects, so I’m curious if enclomiphene might be the magic middle ground without the side effects but keeping the benefits.

Does anyone have any experiences with it in this regard? Any studies? I haven’t had much luck finding anything on it.

There are certainly other options like higher dose HCG or HMG/FSH type treatments but the latter are quite expensive. Enclomiphene would be fairly cheap, $2 a day or so. HMG would be more like $20 a day, so that makes me interested in it from that perspective as well.


Found this on it

You want to take it all the time together with test or only for certain amount of time to get fertile until conceiving?

What Ive heard from doctors about it it has less side effects than clomid short term.
But long term it will probably still make you feel bad because it blocks the e2 receptor in the hypothalamus as well.

There is no reason for it to be better than clomid from fertility point of view


Of course. That’s the whole point.

My question isn’t if it’s better, obviously 1 out of 2 ingredients probably isn’t going to be better than both of them… My question is is it worse, and if so, how much worse? Still good enough to be effective, but with significantly fewer side effects?

I found some other stuff last night basically saying fertility pre TRT vs only on enclomiphene were more or less the same, so it sounds like it can work pretty well on its own, so that’s good.

I dont think you will find a lot of info about enclomiphene.
Even the progressive doctors using it are not sure how it works, there is not enough research and outside of USA it is impossible to get it legitly. As I know the FDA approval is at dead end

Probably true

I found this that at least had a little info on fertility


“While there was no significant difference in sperm concentration between EC groups and placebo group, the numbers analyzed were not large, and a change in sperm concentration by 3 months might be detectable in larger groups. There was no significant difference in other measured sperm parameters between EC and placebo groups. The testosterone group, unsurprisingly, had lower sperm parameters than all other groups.”

Why dont you go just the route “add enough hcg”?

That’s probably what I’ll try next, if even necessary. I’m not even sure I’m the problem or that there even IS a problem, my wife is just extremely impatient so 2 or 3 months in she’s freaking out already so I was trying to figure out options.

I do think FSH production is going to do more for sperm production than just HCG/LH but I’m not sure how much of a difference it really makes. Haven’t researched it enough yet to know.

As much as Ive talked to fertility specialists regarding TRt patients, sufficient dose of HCG is better than clomid because HCG on trt is partly fsh mimicker as well not only lh mimicker. And of course HMG is the best option

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