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Are there any suplements out there that can aid and increase in sperm production? My wife and I are trying to have a child and I would like to insure that I am in peak shape.

Try taking L-Arginine (500-1000mg) a day and a zinc supplement. You may want to take them at different times (one in the AM and the other in the PM), when I take both together I get an upset stomach. A side note is be careful on your zinc intake. I can’t remember how much you can take a day, but this is a case where more is NOT better. Excessive zinc intake can cause copper deficiencies (thus some zinc supplements also contain copper) and other problems, can’t remember what they are but for some reason hair loss comes to mind. Not sure if you are taking multi-vit and/or supplements which also contain zinc, but take all that into consideration when figuring your supplemential zinc dosage.

Our fertility doc precribed Clomid for me when we were trying. Otherwise, I would take M, Tribex, and ZMA. Also get some Androsol or 4-EC for the libido boost on those days she is ovulating and you’d rather be watching the game.

Does M or Tribex increase semen volume??

I am curious about this subject also. Would those supplements Peter North sells (there are a few others also) that promises to increase a males ejactulate help with increasing sperm count.
I rememebr Brock saying that Vitex increased his ejactulate like clomid does, and reading Tim Paterson answer someone else that Tribex would increase a males ejactulate and Cy Wilson also said that the new Tribex increased his ejactulate substantially. I guess if Vitex and Tribex increases a males ejactulate then that would also mean it increases our sperm count also. The web info on Tribestan also states that it increases a males sperm count, and since Tribex has the same active ingredient I would imagine that same pertains to Tribex.
What is everyone elses real world experience with vitex, Tribex and these Peter North supps on increasing ejactulate volume and/or sperm count???

What are these Peter North supplements?? I always heard he took clomid to get his fire hose loads. I hear clomid is the BOMB if you want to give someone a bath. I think supplements like Vitex and Tribex work on the same hormone pathways as clomid, just to a lesser degree and not nearly as effective.

I’m not sure how well vitex, Tribex, etc supplements are for increasing actual sperm count or at least quality sperm. Just because your ejaculate volume increases does not necessarily mean your sperm count has increased. Semen contains more than just sperm and something as simple as your bodys hydration state can affect ejaculate volume.

Try a supplement containing tribulus terrestris, such as Tribex-500 or Tribestan. If you check out www.tribestan.com, you will find that Tribestan is mostly geared toward enhancing fertility, and not in building muscle. The web site contains several studies citing tribulus terrestris’ effects on increasing male sperm count and motility. Other than tribulus, clomid may help (50 mg/day) or ZMA (3 caps before bed) coupled with 400 or 800 mcg of folic acid. But mostly, use the tribulus.

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