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Fertility Help - Hcg?

So my husband has been on trt for about 2 and a half years with no hcg. I am unsure of the dose, but he takes it once a week. We wanted to try for another child so his doc had him take clomid every day starting this past February along with his weekly test shot. Had a semen analysis done beginning of June and not surprising the results were 0 sperm. His doc put him on hcg 3x a week, I dont know the dosage in iu’s, but hes using I think an insulin syringe and taking .3ml or .5ml. He cut his test shot in half from what he was originally taking, not sure the dose, and still using the clomid.

I have read on several sites that using test, Hcg, and clomid is not good and the clomid and test will actually work against each other. He has been doing that regime since approximately July. He finally had blood drawn and his LH levels were 0.1, they didn’t include the FSH level for some reason but the doc said it was going to be low anyway. I am assuming with LH levels so low he still isn’t producing sperm? Could it be a possibility he is producing sperm since the HCG mimics LH and won’t be detected on bloodwork? He doesn’t want to come off the test bc of the crash, and the doc didn’t seem to want to prescribe FSH and said it would be very expensive. I would assume it would be pointless to do another semen analysis with such low LH numbers. Is there anything help you guys could provide as to what we could try next to restore fertiliy?

Prior to trt he had a great semen analysis and we had a child, so he was fertile prior to test.

It’s clomid only or TRT with hCG. He is/was probably taking 300-500IUs hCG per injection, pretty standard.

Plenty have fathered children with TRt and hCG. May take a while for him, but doable.

Thanks highpull.
I believe the reason his doc put him on the clomid was to raise the fsh levels, while the hcg was for the lh levels.

There is a protocol going round that has helped a lot of men.

500iu HCG twice a week
50mg Proviron per day ( sperm count and mobilty )
20mg Nolva per day (stops the leydig cells becoming desensitised)
800mg VitE per day (helps HCG be more effective)
you can also add HMG to the above protocol at 75iu with the HCG ( for more FSH )

HMG is normally used if the HCG isn’t effective but both can be used together.

This even helped Dave Palumbo get his missus preggers and a lot of other guys on TRT. If all fails maybe he needs to quit the TRT and run clomid for a period. Some men have had to do that and return to TRT after the deed is done . Best of luck!
I will be attempting this myself next year.

Thanks Rizla81
I got him to ask his doc about cutting out the clomid and doing t+hcg+fsh, but his doc said fsh is extremely expensive and the t+hcg+clomid is the way to go. I will get him to ask his doc about trying what you suggested.

FSH through Empower is only $300 for several weeks, going through insurance the price increases tenfold. Doctor concerned more about the money than the patient and the doctor has to justify the costs to insurance.

It won’t take long for sperm to increase on FSH injections.

Well that’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. I will have him talk to his doc again next time he goes in for his test shot about ordering fsh…seems a lot of people have better success adding in fsh

so i just leave T completely

i like this protocol i cant bear trt anyway but 50mg proviron and nolva everyday wont it kill libido and all and what about estrodail spike with hcg