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Fertility Experts Please Help... What Next?

Hey all, after doing lots and lots of research on the subject i thought I’d join this forum and seek help and advice as there seems to be lots of knowledgeable people around.

I’m 26 and have been on TRT for 3 1/2 years.

I already have a child with a previous partner and I’m not in a serious relationship and me and my partner are discussing having a child.

I have been taking 200mg test e weekly and have also been taking 250ui hcg 2 x per week for most of the time but not all.

After looking through my previous blood tests my LH and FSH have been <0.1 which leads me to believe i will be infertile.

I have a semen analysis test at the end of this month but already fearing the worst.

For those who are knowledgeable on the subject, what would be the next step for me in terms of gaining fertility?

Should I add HMG now with my TRT regime, or clomid? And see if that brings things back up?

Or stop my TRT for a period of time whilst using HCG and HMG to get things going.

I have to admit I’m abit reluctant to come of TRT as I have chrohns disease and every time Iv tried coming off Iv fallen ill, thus the reason of TRT.

I thank you all in advance for any help and advice. Thanks


I’m actually surprised no one has replied to you yet as this is a pretty common concern with a pretty simple solution for most. The easiest thing for you to try is to add 250 iu of HCG EOD. You may need to do it for several months for your testicles to completely recover. I say this is the easiest thing to do because you will not have to come off Test. HCG will probably also give your mood a little boost. The option of clomid is a good one for fertility, but most people feel like shit on clomid.

I speak from experience on this. I was on Test only for almost two years, added HCG and we conceived about 7 months later. Here’s a great study that I think is very relevant to your situation.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for your reply, it’s great to have some advice on something as serious as this.
Iv been taking 250ui HCG twice per week so should I up it to 500ui twice per week or would 250ui work better?
When you say using clomid, would this be whilst continuing TRT and with the HCG or instead of?
If my sperm count is nil, do you believe that amount of HCG will bring my levels back up or should I try adding in HMG as well?
My biggest concern is the longer I leave it the harder it’s going to be, but like I said most of the 3 and a half years Iv been doing TRT I have been taking HCG at 250ui 2 x per week.
Thanks again for your reply, really appreciated :+1:t5:

I never replied not being an expert. I’m 60 years old I have no need of more kids now. But from what I have read on the subject. Fertility that lost due to testosterone treatment, stubbornly comes back in almost 100% of cases, After ether ending testosterone treatment or the introducing HCG. I will see if I can find the study, but I believe the return to normal happened in about 3 months, even with people who have been on testosterone for years.

Testicles are stubborn like that

Efforts are being made to use testosterone as a male birth control. Part of that study is seeing what regaining fertility is like. In this study 100% of the men regained their fertility