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Fertility and TRT

Hello. I’m considering TRT and want to aks how is the situation with fertility?

I’m 30 and still have no kids. I heard different oppinions - you cannot have kids while on TRT, you must go off from TRT to have kids or there were some medications to add to the TRT protocol that your balls will not shrink and you can have kids. But I also heard it can be dangerous for the future baby to make kids while on TRT even if you can.

Where is the truth?

No need to go off TRT to have kids, you can inject HCG and FSH to increase sperm production, FSH is more effective than HCG. HCG can make the testicles fuller again and keeps them making a small amount of testosterone and estrogen, not everyone has testicle shrinkage on TRT.

Nonsense, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. If this were true you would hear about men on supraphysiological doses having kids with genetic disorders linked to supraphysiological levels.

That sounds very encouraging. And If I inject them all the time with the T therapy my testicles will not deplete?

Will the sperm count be saved or my sperm will go down for sure if go on TRT?

TRT will either decrease sperm or eliminate sperm altogether, 65% become infertile. That’s what HCG and FSH is used on men who are on TRT, sometimes insurance won’t pay for both TRT and HCG at the same time, doctors are heavily influenced by insurance companies.

Some insurance companies (HMO’s) refuse to cover fertility treatments. You can always save sperm and store it in a sperm bank to be on the safe side.

I wanna save my sperm in me if possible. And I will pay my medications on my own, no medical coverage in my country for TRT expenses.

So if I include HCG and FSH can I keep my body produce similar amounts of sperm?