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Fertility After Cycle


Is there a way to bump my fertility up to pre-cycle levels as quickly as possible? Will HCG and Nolva do the trick, or will I have to wait months for my own body to recoup itself?


To answer my own question and for those who are interested:

exerts from the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners Medical Licensure Commission Newsletter and Report Oct. 2011

Long-acting, injectable testosterones
seem to be the most potent inhibitors
of sperm production, but we have also seen this problem with transdermal
gels and oral formulations

it takes at least three
months for sperm production to resume, and it may take much longer if long-
acting androgens were used.

Testosterone treatment shouldn?t be relied on as a contraceptive. It
takes 2-3 months after beginning testosterone for sperm concentrations
to be severely affected, and even with injectable androgens, the rates of
azoospermia (no sperm) are only about 40-90 percent, depending on the
individual?s ethnic background (Asian men treated with testosterone exhibit
higher rates of azoospermia than men in Europe or North America
) and
which formulation is administered. The use of combinations of hormones
to reliably prevent sperm production continues to be an area of research


Chlomid solo for a bit, then into HCG until conception. Your swimmer count will rise for about 4 months until it peaks. If no luck after 120+ days, you both should get tested. And dont get cold feet, tell them straight up about your cycle history. They don't need details, just whether you ran 19-NOR or not, and how long (honestly) your HPTA was suppressed. If you are determined to avoid medical help, run Letro with HCG and drop your E2 until you exhibit symptoms (random shred, sexual disinterest and joint dryness).

Chlomid > Nolva in fertility application. Atleast according to the Crisler school of HPTA recovery.


I appreciate the advice PTD. What is E2? Also, would HGH negatively effect my fertility pursuit?


I Totally agree with Dave: I also would add that it also depend's on your starting-point,as sperm cell's and motility are subject to age decline and general health and disease,or lack of.Some endrocrinologist rx clomid,or hcg to help men to improve fertility. goodluck john


Not to give out too much details, but while my sperm volume is reduced a lot on cycle (Duh!), I somehow managed to make my GF pregnant. HCG is probably the tool to help you. I've been using it on my last two cycles and well, will continue to do so. Even though I got this "side effect" I wasn't expecting...


Hcg and clomid will help. Read that hmg will too.

A Friend of mine got his wife pregnant mid cycle, no hcg and has a healthy baby girl, so it's possible.