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Fertility After 4 Years B&C

What’s going on guys, long time since I’ve been on the forums. Wanted to just start a thread regarding fertility and the use of anabolic steroids. I’ll start with my story.

I’ve been body building most of my adult life in some form or another. Started taking Anabolic steroids at age 24. Did a cycle and came off with clomid. Shortly after I started another cycle except I just never came off. I’m 28 years old now and I’ve recently decided to try and conceive with my wife. I decided TRT for life was something I could live with so I justified blasting large amounts of steroids for 8-14 weeks followed by a self prescribed TRT regimen. 250mg a week. I occasionally cycled HCG to get my boys back up and running but due to sourcing issues over the years I never stayed constant on it. Over the last year or so I decided I was done with the blasting and just wanted to be normal. I reached out to a physician and wanted to start TRT. Legally and Monitored. So he took my bloods and at the time I was on 250mg Cyp a week self prescribed. My levels came back at 1400 ng/dL . My FSH and LH were bottomed out. Basically zero. We decided to lower me down to 100mg EW and monitor 6 weeks after. Came back at 675 ng/dL. In between that time my wife and I decided we wanted to conceive so we informed my doctor and he wanted nothing to do with me. Said he would recommend us to a urologist and wanted to pawn us off. Long story short he never did and my wife and I spent almost a month trying to find someone who was willing to work with us. We eventually found a fertility endocrinologist that was in our network. Over an hour away but it was our only option. She reviewed my most recent blood work on 100mg Cyp per week and said I looked very normal. With the exception of LH/FSH 0. We did a sperm analysis and as expected… zero. Not a single sperm. She took me off of testosterone completely and put me on 1000iu 2x a week HCG with 1mg Adex Mon/wed/fri

2.5 months later roughly 74 days into HCG and Adex only we tried a sperm test again…


LH- < 0.2
FSH - < 0.7
Testosterone- 922

This doesn’t seem right to me being that HCG is essentially LH and if I’m injecting LH I would expect my bloodwork to show atleast some LH but low FSH. Both still bottomed out but my T levels are good. High actually.

Idk what’s going on. The HCG can’t be bunk because it’s doing it’s job to keep my T Levels up but my boys downstairs just don’t want to wake up. Maybe it’s still too soon? This is what I keep telling the wife. But almost 3 months on HCG I would have expected some change in LH and FSH

My fear is that even at only 28 I fucked myself up for life.

Anybody with a similar story or have or have had any issues like this ide love to hear the outcome.


Stay in school and don’t do drugs


HCG is synthetic LH, that’s why LH doesn’t move up and testosterone is fine too, so why would LH rise?
You need to do a good PCT Protocol with Tamoxifen in my opinion. I’m sure others will chime in. Coming off a long B&C and not doing a proper PCT results in your situation. I wouldn’t expect anything else. Do a PCT and see what happens.

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HCG should get FSH back online in theory in time. Perhaps 3 months isn’t enough time? I agree that a SERM like clomid could be used however this is what my doc has me on and has also been proven in several studies to work.

Also- the use of HCG should always be used in PCT or on cycle to prevent shutdown in the first place. Again I didn’t stay on HCG for 4 years when I was B&C. I sure wish I would have now tho

heres a good video about this sometime after the 12 min mark he talks about dose and success with a guy

I think 74 days is a bit early. Here is a quote from a study on fertility and AAS use.

Data from the male contraception literature indicate a reasonable probability of recovery in 67%, 90%, 96%, and 100% of men at 6, 12, 16, and 24 months, respectively, with a median time to recovery of 20 × 106 ml-1 sperm in 3–6 months.

3 months seems to be the very earliest you should expect anything. Here is the actual study. Lots of good info.

The male body is not nearly as complicated as the female body in regards to fertility. The statistics are on your side.


That’s what I figured. They wanted to see if I had anything at the 75ish day mark since starting HCG because that’s how long it takes for a sperm to leave the body after being created. Which I thought was silly because that would mean my body would have had to begin making sperm upon my first injection. I’m hoping around 6 months we should see some swimmers but even still remains the question why haven’t my LH/FSH levels moved that to me is a bit concerning as if my system doesn’t want to hop back online

I would think the HCG is suppressing the LH. I would think FSH should come a bit though. Maybe the HCG is high enough that FSH is being suppressed too?

I know a couple folks that HCG alone (after enough time) wasn’t enough and the addition of HMG had them finally conceiving. It’s still too early though. Don’t stress about it.

I’m not sure HCG is suppressive. Quite the opposite actually. Unless you overdose major and desensitize the cells. The dosage I’m taking I wouldn’t think is high enough to do that

I addressed that along with the idea of A GnRH shot. But I guess we’re gunna give this some time to do its thing. If we can get just a few sperm the doc wants my wife to do invetro. Not something we really want to do but it may be the only option if it comes down to it

Well, the male body thinks HCG is the same as LH. If the body thinks LH is very high do you think it is going to produce more?


Yes. That’s what HCG does

Edit** it’s a synthetic analog of LH that stimulates the body to produce it. That being said it’s like pumping a fuck ton of test into your system and your levels coming up on bloodwork low. It doesn’t add up

I think we are on the same page. HCG is suppressive to LH production, it will increase test/sperm production. You care about spermogenesis, not necessarily going natty in the long run.

Exactly! I just need sperm lol. Once the wife pops out our child I’m going on TRT again. Unless my body can stand on its own with decent levels and I feel ok. Currently I don’t know how my body is gunna hold up. I’m on HCG and my test levels are 900ish. Even tho I don’t feel it like I would on test

People say that having good levels of test on HCG doesn’t feel as good as when on TRT. I was on HCG solo for a while. 500 iu EOD didn’t feel like I do on test. It only got my levels to mid 500s though.

I think just ride this out a while longer. If that doesn’t work, FSH is supposed to be better for sperm production. It is expensive though.

Im in the exact same position as you, except I havent got the point where the Mrs wants kids yet, but will do in a few years. By then I would have been B&C’ing for about 5 or 6 years without hCG. I wish you all the best and I’ll be routing for you.


Yea it definitely doesn’t feel like 900 range on test. My dick works but the sex drive isn’t as prominent. That’s the plan. Gunna give it 6 months and see if we get any results. The doc is actually re-evaluating my current meds may up the HCG dose. I would add clomid personally but I can’t do anything without their say so or they will stop seeing me

You could go tele medicine route. I know Defy will prescribe HCG, FSH, Clomid, and I am assuming a bunch of other things.

Probably not covered under insurance, and will likely be pricey.

My personal advice would be to incorporate low dose HCG into your TRT / blasting regimen like 250iu E3D so you have plenty of time come back from full suppression and don’t ever let your body become fully suppressed again. I wish I would have taken people’s advice on here and done that. I just didn’t have the sourcing always available so I just continued on my way. But if you have access I urge you to use it and never stop. Good luck buddy

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Yea that’s the problem. My insurance covers this and everything me and my wife are going through to try and conceive. If I didn’t have insurance this wouldn’t be an option I would just take HCG and clomid for 6 months and hope for the best. Honestly it would probably work but this is a safe route and doesn’t cost us much.