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Ferruggia Muscle Gaining Secrets Clarification


In Muscle Gaining Secrets Jason says that a gym session should last 30-40 minutes. How is this possible following his advice from the book:
- 10 minutes of warmup
- good stretching
- warmup sets: 5 sets per exercise (first with empty bar then 30%, 50%, 70% and 90% of the weight)
- resting 2-3 minutes per set
- 8-12 sets / workout (6 exercises x 2 sets per exercise)

Only the rest between the sets (5 warmup sets * 6 exercises + 10 workout sets) would go over 30 minutes easily.


I tend to ignore any statements that put limits on aspects of my training. Sure when you first start out and your body can't handle excessive stresses, or your nutrition and recovery strategies may not be able to compensate for such loads, you should certainly train accordingly.

However, as my body has adapted to years of stresses, and my diet and supplement scheme have greatly improved, I have not only been able to tolerate longer bouts, but made continual gains from them. Bill Pearl always pointed out that the trained body will be able to progressively tolerate, and even require more work in order to progress.



I just go with the flow in there. I just go in and get my shit done. If I'm feelin slow I'll take a little more time warming up, etc. If I'm feeling good I'll bust everything out and get outa there. Ya know? Unless some of the better looking moms are still in there doing glute bridges and such. Then I tend to hang around...


Don't worry about getting out of the gym in 30-45 minutes. If you stay longer, you're not going to instantly pop into some super catabolic state where you lose an ounce of muscle every five minutes. When it comes to rest I always just do it by feel.

I bet if you do his program (which I've read; not just spouting nonsense here) while resting instinctively, you shouldn't take more than an hour to get it all done, anyway.


Ferruggia doesn't count the warm up or good stretching.

He means the time you are actually lifting.

He has some ok programs... I just wish when I bought them when I first started that I actually followed them.