Ferritin Recovered in 10 Days?

How is this even possible? I donated a pint of blood 10 days ago, going in with a low level of ferritin of 22. Tested my ferritin again today and…20. Last donation I went from 29 to 19.

I did take a 25 mg iron glycynate supp every other day right after the donation on the 19th. But that’s not even that much. Anyone else experience this?

Also got transferin tested and it’s in the high range but not crazy high where it would point to iron deficiency

Transferrin 2.97 range 2.00 - 3.30 g/L

How would not being fasted affect the transferrin test? I know for serum iron test, one must be fasted.

Could the iron supplement have helped that much?

I’ve lost more ferritin during a regular blood test.

I was taking 105mg daily elemental iron with 1000mg vit C and L-lysine and it took over a month for ferritin to go from 50 - 70 and that was considered fast. So I doubt 25mg did much in a week. Could be lab error or something

What’s your TIBC? These tests are informative but not definitive in determining mineral deficiency. Your body stores minerals in a lot of places and most of them are not reflected in blood tests.

@dextermorgan I hear you, but how can my ferritin go from 22 pre blood donation to 20 after? No way I only lost 2 points from the ferritin after a pint of bllood drawn.

@hardartery I"m not sure about the TIBC, but the Transferrin was 2.97 range 2.00 - 3.30 g/L

Iron supplementation definitly helps. And the lower the pre donation ferritin level was the faster it will recover.

Personally i have good experience with iron amino acid chelates. Higher bioavailability and less irritating to my stomache.

Question is, will everything else also recover too quickly? Like my hemoglobin went from 18.9 to 17.8. I don’t want it to recover way to quick before next donation. Also strange, this blood donation only brought down my red blood cell count from 6.99 to 6.43

Any chance you have been dehydrated the last time blood was collected? Typically Hb recovers in about 30 to 50 days when one supplements with a standard dose of iron (37 mg daily).

Your TIBC is a better indicator of actual iron levels than serum iron or ferritin on their own It tells you how much COULD be floating around, not just what actually is.

So can it just keep going up indefinitely? It seems I always top out at 19 hemoglobin, 7 rbc, and 56 hematocrit. Never have I had any bad symptoms at any of those levels. Even blood pressure stays at 100/73

I guess its a race to how high I can get my ferritin up to keep donating. I read that people can lose up to 30 points in a donation. Not sure how I only lost 2.

I have repeatedly found that the in-house lab numbers at my phlebotomy place greatly deviate from the numbers I’ll get from labs like Quest and DLS. I chalk it up to calibration discrepancies and side with the national lab numbers.

Remember when I said lab error

Blood volume can change 5 to 10% depending on hydration. All the parameters are measured per volume.

Wake up drink a coup of coffee and get your blood drawn. Hb is 15 g/dl. Drink 1 to 2l of water and get it analyzed 1h later - it can easily now read 14.5 g/dl.