Ferritin/Iron Labs

So I will preface in saying I haven’t done iron labs in a long time. With that in mind the one time I did them a while back was actually on the lowest dose of T I ever been on. Yes I will do labs next time, but for the time being lets just go off what I have on hand. There can be an assumption my iron labs on average are worse than those since I always run a significantly higher dose.

TIBC 300 (250-450)

UIBC 145 (111-343)

Iron 155 (38-169)

Iron saturation 52 (15-55)

Ferritin 78 (30-400)

Is this possibly my problem on TRT all along? Fatigued from higher doses. Muscle cramps, especially calves at night even if I did not work them. Cracked lips. Easily numb extremities, including pale mushroom tip (lol) on higher dose. Heavy heart beats and rapid shallow breathing sometimes.

I recently started taking ferrous sulfate, and this may be confirmation bias, but I cramp way less now like by a lot. My nightly calf cramps are practically non existent. Some days that I did not take it or dropped dose I noticed that cramping coming on again.

I’m not sure what the question is…your iron saturation (I glance at that first with my patients, but appreciate the full panel) is high normal. Ferritin is fine. Its a fickle lab. Changes rapidly/dramatically in response to inflammation.

Were you taking an iron supplement when these were drawn though?

Its ok then don’t worry about it.

TRT changes my iron metabolism somehow. My ferritin is 198, and if I miss a single iron dose, or take 75% of it, I had problems that day that are clearly the same as when iron deficient.

The symptoms begin within 1-2 hours of taking my Jatenzo, with testosterone peaking within 2 hours of my dosing. These rapid testosterone peaks use up an enormous amount of iron.