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Ferritin Hemoglobin Hemocrit

 I just got my recent blood work results. Most everything looks good except for my DHEA levels are low, and my Hgb and Hct are creeping up to the top of the scale and it looks like I should start donating blood ? I'm worried about my Ferritin levels as they seem to be low. I don't take any iron supplements, but I do eat red meat regularly.

(1) Is it okay to donate blood with Ferritin levels so low ? (2) Should I be taking an Iron supplement ? (3) How much DHEA should I start taking ? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

 I pin 18mg test subq ed, and 120iu HCG subq ed. And I feel good. Energy levels are fine and my strength at the gym is like it was when I was in my 20's

Ferritin ... 14 ... 22-322mg/mL
Hgb ... 17.2 ... 13.5 - 17.7 g/dL
Hct, ... 52.4 ... 40.0 - 53.0 %
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL ...914 ... 302 - 903 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE FREE ...163 ... 47 - 244 pg/mL
Testosterone, Free Pct ... 1.8 ... 1.6 - 2.9 %
SHBG ... 51 ... 13 - 110 nmol/L
Estradiol ... 48 ... 0-40 pg/mL
DHEA SO4 ... 30 ... 80 - 560 ug/dL
Prolactin ... 7.3 ... 2.1 - 17.7 ng/mL


Low ferritin can be from a GI bleed. You can get an occult blood test [poop smear] that is easy that will rule that in or out. Low ferritin also can interfere with T4–>T3 conversion. Thyroid and iodine intake OK? Any digestive issues or food sensitivities?

But HGB and HTC seems to contradict a GI bleed. So we have a confusing situation.

What were prior ferritin, HGB and HTC levels/changes?

E2=48 is horrible and you should get it lower, then you should feel better than you do not.
Why are you not using anastrozole?
Is E2=48 a surprise?

See if AST/ALT is pointing to liver problems that reduce E2 clearance.
A few guys have high T–>E2 on low dose hCG similar to yours, but rare. When that happens, anastrozole is not very effective and hCG needs to be reduced.

Yes, donate blood and note if you feel better after that. Don’t be dehydrated for your labs.