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Ferrari 458 Italia


The successor of the F430.


Holy shite...I like that better than the other F models.Glad they shitcanned the rear spoiler.

My buddy just picked up his new 2008 Corvette Z06 today.Lucky prick.


Thanks for the link. I think I'll order mine in black...


It's a bit 'Porschy', no?


It says it will beat a Ferrari Enzo in a drag strip? That's pretty insane. We got a picture of hitting 200 in a z06 =)


I bet that bastard handles like a dream even at high speeds.


Ooooh ,FUGLY!! :frowning:

Sorry, just my opinion.


I'd rather have an Aston or a Maserati. Hell, even a Porsche.

Even the new Audi R8 Spyder is gorgeous.

Ferraris aren't ugly (for the most part) but the interiors and overall designs aren't the sexiest around.


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Lamborfuckingini ftw.




Agreed, Aston is great. But if I were to truely have a choice, I'd take a Koenigsegg CCXR


Interbreeding a Porsche and a Ferrari is asking for ugly offspring, IMO.

A Porsche is a Porsche and Ferrari is a Ferrari.
Two distinct creatures.

How about I drive you on your Porsche?
Let's have an accident!
..Ooo I bet you never even had a scratch on it.
Have you pushed the little fella to its max, yet?
Left it's tire signature on the asphalt of Wales?

Start practicing. I am coming.

; )


Ducati 6098 R

Sharp and Stealth.


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Looks a lot like a Mclaren F1.


Maybe the Coke bottle shape is aerodynamic or something?


I thought Ducati only made motorcycles, that is an amazing car.


BOOOOOIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!! That's so freaking bad ass!!!!


I thought so too until literally 2 days ago I saw a stunning Ducati car parked on my neighborhood ( not this one ) and that was when I googled for it and found this baby.