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Fermented Foods


I was just wondering if anyone here had experience with Fermenting foods? And if they might have any good recipes for it.

I'm always looking for ways to eat more vegetables and all that I've read online says that fermenting vegetables helps you absorb their vitamins better. They say that the bacteria used in the fermentation process are probiotic and help you absorb the vitamins and that the lactic acid produced in the process helps you break the vegetables down better so it's easier to absorb their nutrients.

Anyway I'm currently making sauerkraut hopefully it turns out good. :slightly_smiling:


I definitely recommend kimchee, with rice or eggs it is the dogs bollocks, absolutely love it. Other than it tasting good I haven't really had any other experiences with it such noticeable health benefits but I guess you don't always "feel" these things working....



Tried kimchee a few times, not for me.

It tastes and smells like...well...fermented cabbage.


I wonder why it would taste like that...


^^ I always said that kimchee tastes and smells like cabbage boiled in gasoline.

Anyway, worrying about fermented food or not sounds iffy and goofy to me. remember that thread we had on orthorexia?


The kimche ive had is so spicy and flavorful that i cant taste any nasty cabbage flavor. Just buy it OP its cheap an much easier


LOL I don't like Kimche it's too spicy for me.

The only reason I'm making sauerkraut is because the store bought varieties are pasteurized thus killing any good bacteria, and it's really easy to make. I tried a little this morning mixed in with some eggs and salmon it was very tasty.

Also I have tried some other store bought fermented foods like miso, kimche, yogurt, kombucha and kefir. Some are good and some are not so good.

@nards fermented foods just seemed like a good idea to me because you get your vegetables and your probiotics at the same time. I could be wrong about this though, some of the outrageous claims I've read on hippy websites make me a bit skeptical about the benefits of it.


I must've got lucky - the first 10-20x I was served kimchee, it only took up a tiny portion of a full-sized plate of korean bbq

Hence very easy to start enjoying it...


It probably gives some benefit with the beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria, but its not some magic vegetable hat will improve your life significantly. If you like it, eat it ( I sure do, sauerkraut too), if you dont get your veggies and probiotics elsewhere.


never had much fermented foods, but I started taking a high quality pro-biotic supplement. this might be my favorite supplement now, no joke, because of it's noticeable effects. Every time I go #2 I'm as clean as a whistle and barely need to wipe. awesome feeling of health right there.