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Fenuplex/Insulinomics and the Protocol



Im currently using your peri-workout protocol and enjoying the benefits gained form it, so thank you again.

I recently had my biosig done and have been recommended to take the afformentioned supplements to help with my insulin problem. Im doing a no carb diet throughout the day except for the peri-workout nutrition.

My question is where would these supplements fit in with my diet. Before a pulse? Before the meal? and where would it fit for the periworkout protocol (witht he SWF, Finibar or Surge)

Thanks for all your time and effort put into the site



im just wondering whenthe optimal time to take the fenuplex/insulinomics is in the peri workout protocol is. Witht he FINiBARs or with the SWF or SR.


If your fat % below 10%?

If it isn't you are not supposed to eat carbs.

It a different approach, your Biosignature practitioner should have told you that?

But if you dont give a rat's ass, I would say that during your FINiBARs and with the postworkout drink.

Poloquin also sells a R-ALA that is time released, that lasts about 12hours it's 600 mg per tablet


my fat is above 10%- around 17...and no i dont eat any carbs except for those found in the peri-workout protocol


i think you should forget about the peri workout protocol until your under 12% preferably 10% bodyfat

17% IMO is way to high to be having high amounts of carbs even if they are peri workout.
your insulin sensitivity is bad according to your bio sig so all those carbs are going to have a higher preference to adipose tissue rather than your muscles.

i was in the same boat as you, wanted to do the protocol but had to high BF and too low insulin sensitivity. so i cut, went low carbs and now when i do decide to do the protocol it will work much better and fat gain will much less


As long as you're following the peri-workout nutrition protocol, the carbs in Surge WO Fuel and Surge only add up to less than 100 grams a day, at a time when you need them most to give you energy and stimulate anabolism. I would say dont even worry about changing your diet.

I believe the recommendation is to take 2 of each before mentioned supps with each meal.


Thanks for the advice man...i was actually doing the protocol before i got my biosig done and according to my eye, i put on next to no fat while doing the protocol, and gained a large amoutn of strength and muscle by keeping everything else low carb. Now i have entirely cut out carbs (maybe 10g a day, so not entirely) doing a cutting routine of CT's and doing cardio. I thought that given the new near zero carb approach as well as the inclusion of the above mentioned supplements as well as glycine and some anti cortisol stuff, i could cut enough tobe 10-12% while still using the protocol.

Are you still thinking even with the aformentioned changes i should drop the protocol?


yes that is the recommendation but i was wondering where i would place them within the peri-workout protocol



I just came from the Biosignature Course that was held in Arizona

I had my biosignature done by Charles, 15.4%, the main problem is the supra-illiac, the he told me no carbs until you get to less tha 10% (50grs)

But if you want to keep the protocol what I would recommend is with the bars (during) and maybe some R-ALA 200mg, and after your workout with yor PW drink and I would add again 200 mg R-ALA.

The simpliest thing to do is a 6 week supplement and diet protocol to get to less tah 10%


thanks for the reply...so i should be using the fenuplex/insulinomucs with the bars instead of the SWF?

Ive been using these supplements (along with glycine) for a week and can already see a visual difference (may be the no carbs).

Maybe ill drop the protocol for a little, or just drop everything to the minimum and see what happens.


Thats what I would do, drop the whole thing for 4 weeks. You will get better use of it, when you are leaner!

Take some BCAA during your workout, with betaalanine, after some 40 gr of protein, with glutamine and glycine.

Remember to get plenty of water and to add salt to your food.

you welcome!


Do you mean 50 grams until you get to 10%?


yeh i agree with Jorge man. i mean whats 4-8 weeks of low carb cutting in the long run.

once you get to a lower BF you should be able to stay there following the protocol and make better gains than you would otherwise at 17%

Also dont assume just because you are going low carb that you wont gain muscle or strength!
biosig is a powerful tool and if your practitioner knows his stuff you can quite easily loose fat and gain muscle at the same time low carb.

i would have probably said that was BS unless you are a newbie 10 weeks ago. but having had my own biosig done and gone from 15.5% to 9% and actually being a bit heavier and stronger now with 3 solid years previous training im definitely glad i cut the carbs.


yeah this is the new plan...pulsing should still be ok to do though correct?


Just 1 shake postworkout, during BCAA or EAA.

Until you are below 10% you don't want to spike insulin outside of the workout.


is Hydrolized Whey + Leucine going to spike my insulin?


Not to the extent of carbs, but yes it will.

On my biosig plan (cortisol first, then insulin second) I'm not allowed any whey except peri-workout. All other protein comes from animal flesh.


it will but not to an extent worth worrying about

having this combo around your workout will aid in recovery anyway


Hello all, I just started my Fenuplex/Insulinomics protocol.

I was first advised to take 3fenuplex every meal and 2insulinomics every meal.
If i eat 4x a day the Fenuplex will last me 10days and Insulinomics 11.5 days.

Both supps and shipping came out to $127

Thats $381 for a months supply.

For the time being, I was advise to take my fenuplex and insulinomics with my breakfast and lunch and do my fish oil and glutamine for dinner, so that my supp's will last me at least 20 days.

Is this normal? should i eventually take my fenu/insulinomics 4x a day?