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Fenugreek, Partner to Tribex?


I have been reading about this on the internets for a while now. Does anybody here have any experience with this? Possibly as a partner with Tribex?


works really well in a lamb curry.


Well that is one of the funniest and best posts I have seen on there since I joined in 99’.

You are the new leader in the clubhouse.



yes! I knew it was only a matter of time before I ruled the clubhouse.

It really does work brilliantly in a lamb curry. For reals.


Funny time is over now…I was referring to it’s usage as a main ingredient in several t-boosting supps.

I don’t suppose you have any experience with it outside of food?


um… no. No I don’t. Sorry.


My experience with Fenugreek is that it is helps regulate blood sugar, and it’s quite effective in that regard (from my own observations). I don’t know how it would work with a test booster.


Cool, I appreciate it…thanks Max!


A friend of mine mentioned to me the possible strength effects of Fenugreek according to the study below. I only use it couple times a week but do notice a bit of a strength boost, nothing major, but noticeable. Not sure how it would work with Tribex but certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.