Fenugreek As A Liver/Gallbladder/Anti-Gallstone Supplement

I’ve recently been looking into fenugreek as a test booster and have come across some interesting research indicating benefits for liver and gallbladder health, specifically to do with improving bile flow, bile cholesterol saturation, and gallstone prevention.

Fenugreek appears to decreased the cholesterol content of bile and cholesterol saturation index in bile, and increases bile flow rate. Additionally it affects, through a modulation of the nucleating and anti-nucleating proteins, it reduces cholesterol crystallisation.

It may also be effective in regressing preestablished cholesterol gallstones, due to its primary influence on cholesterol levels.

This may mean that fenugreek could be a useful supplement for those using steroids, as cholestasis (reduction or stoppage of bile flow) can be a big problem, especially on orals. Or just for those with a hereditary predisposition to gallbladder problems.