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Feng Shui

Always keep it in mind when designing a home gym:


“To keep clutter to a minimum, avoid storing or placing extraneous objects in the space. If an office or storage room doubles as your workout center, cover open cabinets and stacking cubes by tacking uniform, solid white textiles over the openings. Even neatly stored, uncovered items can interrupt the flow of chi?it’s best to keep them out of view.”

Oh that’s rich.

So that’s the problem with my dank, dark, overcrowded, windowless garage. The Chi is all wrong. Who knew?


While there is no proof to this article… But Feng Shui is part of the chinese culture… Its nice to see some westerns using it… Try it… Its not going do any harm… It might even do you some good. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Hey, I tried the Feng Shui thing for my gym. How do you think it looks?

I like it. Lots of room to do chins
:slight_smile: Groove