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Femoral Anterior Glide and Squating

I have been having some problems in my left hip for a while and looking around has me thinking it is femoral anterior glide. Squatting aggravates this to no end and I am taking a break from squatting for my next cycle of 531. Treating it is gluteal activation exercises and glute strengthening. I am replacing my squat day with a glute day and am trying to come up with exercises that will get my glutes stronger, allow my hip to heal, and preserve my squat.

I was thinking
Leg press (531)for the big lift
Good mornings 10x3
Glute bridges with barbell 10x3
hypers 12x3
Knee extension 10x3
nyone dealt with this before?

Get it looked at by an ART guy soon. You can’t exercise out a banged up muscle. You need the bad tissue fixed so the exercise will fix it,

Any other input?

Do you squat with a wide stance? That tends to aggravate the hips.

No, my stance is just outside my shoulders. Pushing my knees out on the way down and up alleviates some of this, but it is not a solution.

Last December I had surgery to correct Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI). In a nutshell, my leg bone was rubbin’ on my hip bone. It would actually bind and grind the end of the femur into the cartilage in my hip, and eventually wore a hole through it. I had it corrected with arthroscopic surgery but was on crutches for 2 months afterward, I’m still not lifting heavy regularly, I’m doing Sheiko to get my intensity from volume instead of load. It feels much better, not grinding like it was and not all achy all the time.

[quote]elih8er wrote:
Any other input?[/quote]

And see an orthopedic guy like the last guy did. You cannot exercise or stretch or rehab everything out. You think you might have anterior femoral glide syndrome. Well, get it checked out.