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Feminists Blaming the Media


Ok I watched ANOTHER one of those feminists blaming media this morning. I just had to reply somehow.

Here is the original video:

and my response :

it comes off a little black and white but can't go into all the grey areas in a short video.


Excellent piece Mr. Yang...I think you should set a new goal to seduce and bed every one of these uptight wenches to show them they have no reason to complain


Seduce the feminist . crack their vaginas with sharp language!


the thing that i notice about these debates, is that the 'feminist' (for example) side always ignore the fact that being overweight (fat) is unhealthy, life-threatening, even putting avoidable strain on public services such as healthcare.

so young girls/whatever, want to be thin because of peer pressure. if correct and helpful information was widely avaliable at the expense of fad diets and others trying to make money of supurious science, then it wouldnt be a problem.

^that isnt a dig at tnation - im talking about 'features' on news websites and things like jenny craig and weight watchers "get thin by eating our processed microwave meals!"


Did you cut your hair, too?


me or him? yes i did


I was asking Caveman. But yours looks cool too.


like, 3months ago bro - you commented at the time! old age getting to you?


Okay. Looks good.

By the way, did you cut your hair?


I am a feminist but for me that just means I want equal opportunity. Nothing more. If I can't do the job don't hire me. Just give me a fair shot.
I know a lot of women that feel that way. Feminist has become such a dirty word. BUT, ... so some of you may want to know, for those of us today that are my kind of feminist, it just means we want a chance and not that we are not anti-men. Love men. Men are good. Just about the opportunities!

p.s. I am only speaking for myself and those friends of mine that feel the same. I am pretty sure there are all kinds of Feminists out there these days.


I'd say I'm this type of feminist too.


This is the view of feminism I've always had.

Somewhere along the way feminism got hijacked by radicalism.


True I think the women are forgetting that men get criticized for their looks too. If you're going to have a job in a spot light then you have to expect people to take shots at you for everything.

^This was more of a comment about the video posted.

I'm not entirely convinced that the reason there are less women in some of the careers listed in the video is because of influences outside of a women's/girl's own interests/desires.

There are just way too many factors influencing a persons decisions/life to say it's anyone thing. imo


I love my dad. .. I do. He passed in September, but in High School I wanted to take Engineering because I wanted to be an architect. Now my dad was an old school Marine. I was not allowed to take the class because so many boys wanted to take the class. Can you even imagine? I of course asked my Dad and Mom about it and I love my dad, but he said, "It's not really a girls job. Take something else."
Can you even imagine!!!
Unfortunately I was not strong enough on my own to push for it.


I know it sucks when we have to agree on something, but this is well said.


Yeah that type of thing is not even around anymore. My dad was raised by his mom, mostly, and she was pretty modern by the standards of those days. So my dad was a bit of a feminist himself, so I never had those problems.


Oleena, so sorry for past craziness. That was all me. I am in better states now. Glad to have you on board with my opinion!



the attack is not out on feminists. But on people who instead of looking within themselves and realizing their innate potentials lash out on society and blame the media and think that everything is the result of "culture". Feminists tend to do that, or not all of them do.

Feminists and art school hipsters.

I remember arguing about how beauty is innate and that almost everyone in the world, and that any time in history, people will think Jessica Alba is hot and Brad Pitt is sex.

They were like NOOOoOooo did u see the Ruben's paintings? did u see how Picasso painted a bunch of anorexic 120 pounders playing guitar and they were sold for millions!?

WTF. that's a style in art, it's trendy in an artistic sense. It doesn't mean that hose fat women in Ruben's painting are going to get picked over Jessica alba in real life by MOST men's (freaks out there i know) standard for a good night fuck.


too many factors influencing someone. That's why it's stupid all they do is look at one area and be convinced that it's the reason why they failed or not. It's ok if this one 'part' actually plays a role. But it usually doesn't. so hence the lash out


also, I don't really know what feminism means. If u really want to give it a definition, and least for me, everyone in developed countries, even the men, are feminists of some sort. I'm a feminist, and like I wrote in the video, I applaud if a woman wants to be a physicist. I find it sexy. But i think it's still necessary to pay attention to your innate talent and original, genetic roots and dispositions and look harder on why you did what you did, why you are good at some things and not the other.

Simply thinking that we are blank slates who can be molded into anything by society and what culture allows or does not allow you to do isn't going to fly nowadays. There are too many hard evidence suggesting that we are NOT blank slates. If u keep thinking that you are just going to end up whining about things that are almost irrelevant.

WHICH again makes it even more impressive if a woman became a physicist.