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Feminism in Comic Books


When I was between the ages of 11 and 14 I used to read and collect comic books alot. One particular thing irked me though. In a particular comic it showed Superman being beaten by Wonder Woman. Now Superman has knocked out Thor, the Hulk, Doomsday, and Darkseid (i still remeber characters from my comic years) but he get beats up by Wonder Woman.

To me it seems in this subtle way that they are trying to push the idea that women are just as equal to men in things physical. Today ot starts with Wonder Woman beating up Superman in a comic, tomorrow a woman files a lawsuit that orders the NFL to sign her as a starting player so she can "make history" and "break barriers" by being the first female NFL player.

And then i'll have to spend my Sundays watching a bulldyke run up and down the field, ruining the game of football, but that doesnt matter, it will be a great victory for all Americans (end sarcasm here)!


You done?


Heres what the bulldykes in question will probably look like:


Or this


Let it go.


First of all, Superman is the most bullshit super hero ever. They give him more powers than he originally had. He's DC poster boy and there's no way they would allow Superman to lose against legit bad asses like Thor, Hulk, etc.

Fuck Superman, that's my first point.

Secondly, Wonder Woman is a legit warrior. She is actually trained to kill people and beat your ass.

Third, Feminism in comics isn't really a problem. Wonder Woman is wearing gold plated breast plate, star panties, and stripper boots. If Feminism was a problem, their outfits would make more sense. Stripper boots don't help you dodge bullets.


the pussy got him sprung


Well whether superman is a good hero or not doesnt matter its just the point


Superman was never trained how to fight. He's a farm boy with super powers. That's it. Wonder Woman, Batman, Wildcat, Black Canary, and other DC super heroes are trained to fight and kill. So I'm not surprised when Wonder Woman whips his ass. He's never had the killer mentality. He's always been "Please stop, let's not fight." And after the 5th punch to his grill, he says fuck and gets serious.

And anything that has cross-brand (DC vs Marvel for example) can't be taken seriously.

Now i don't know if you made this thread to be a sarcastic jerk or have a real conversation about comics. Let me know. I don't want to be the only comic geek in here.


Here's what I think of feminism in comic books...


So Clip, you hate women so much that you prefer to fuck the kind that you have in your avatar? Is this out of some cruel sense of irony or whats up?


I don't remember Wonder Woman beating Superman in a fair fight. Ever. Maybe you made it up so you could complain about it?



Otep: She came close in the cartoon. But again, its the cartoon. She probably bested him one time or another. But since its Superman, he has to pull out some bullshit and win. Big Blue Douchebag.


This was hilarious.

However, Wonder Woman can get the upper hand for one reason...,Superman sucks when pitted against MAGIC. Anyone with some magical powers can end Superman just like kryptonite. That is why he and Captain Marvel would (while ending in a draw in most comics) would 'realistically' end with Superman's ass beat to death.

...and I agree about the costume. If a woman really dressed like that in public and had that body, "feminism" would be the last thing on any of our minds.


I can't think of a single female super hero with proper gear for fighting villains. If I fought Wonder Woman, Storm, or Hawk Girl, I would just punch them in the titty. Game over.

More bashing of Superman:

That's the sad part. Super man has 3 major weaknesses:
-Red Sun

All three are extremely deadly. But when writers are writing the Superman stories, they'll say "Fuck it, this version of superman isn't affected by magic or kryptonite". Sometimes they implement his weaknesses, sometimes they don't. At least Marvel is consistent.


Why is Superman vulnerable to magic?


No idea. But he is. Why is Green Lantern's ring useless against the color yellow?


So, either you think Klippy's got a point, but he mistook the cartoon for the comic, or you're assuming he's referring to a comic that neither you nor I have ever read.

I think those are pretty large assumptions.




Which episode of Justice League was this?