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Feminine Cutting Cycle and Clen?


I have just started my feminine cutting cycle that consists of 100mg Deca-bolin and 100mg of Prima-bolin Depot for four weeks followed by 3 weeks off then 3 weeks of Deca and Winstrol. I am wanting to make the best physique results while taking this cycle. I am currently 5' 4'' and weigh aproximately 134 lbs.

I am wanting to drop 8-10 lbs but not sure if trying to do this while on the cycle with a fat burner is the best and most effective method or waiting untill after by cyle is complete to do some serious dieting.

My workout consists of mod-heavy weight lifting (12 reps X 3-4 sets) 5-6 days per week. I will be changing my reps to 15-20 this week. I also do 35-45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times per week. My calorie intake is 1800-2100 per day.

I am considering taking clenbuterol. However, I have not found efficient research on this drug in combination with the steroids mentioned above.

All educated advice is appreciated.


What is your history with weight training and AAS?

Deca is a long-estered drug, meaning three week cycles, or even a six week cycle if you didn't take a break, wouldn't be a good idea with this compound. It could be done, but not the way you have it laid out. A weekly dosage of 200mg is a good, conservative approach.

Is your goal for this cycle to drop body-fat? Even if this is the case you will likely gain some lean mass in the process. Combining a thermogenic with AAS would be better for this process than either alone.

I seems like you've got a handle on training and nutrition. If you want any specific help we'd be glad to, as sometime dieting is different while on AAS compared to dieting naturally.

Clen should be taken with AAS to preserve muscle mass while dieting. The AAS used in conjunction with clen don't really matter, just as long as you have them as an anabolic aid. If you plan to run clen run your proposed dosing and schedule past us and we'll help you out.


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I have purchased this cycle as a whole. The distributor suggests this schedule for women looking for quality, lean size.

Week Primobolan Deca Winstrol

1 100mg per week 100mg per week
2 100mg per week 100mg per week
3 100mg per week 100mg per week
4 100mg per week 100mg per week
8 100mg/week 4 mg/day
9 100mg/week 6mg/day
10 100mg/week 8mg/day 11 6 mg/day
12 4 mg/day


It would seem you are completely new to AAS (correct me if I'm wrong). You say you've already purchased this? You can definitely use this stuff to get good results, but I certainly wouldn't run it as suggested. There are some people on here, including myself, that have experience with females and AAS. I don't have time now, but will get back to this thread later. I would definitely suggest going with other compounds in the future, or now if you haven't yet purchased this stuff.


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Okay, well who would be a good person to ask? Nobody wants to tell you what to take. You get told to do your research. And I have read on these until I couldn't absorb anymore.

So are you saying that I will not get any better results with this cycle and dosage then just the primo alone?

I have chosen to use Deca (and this cycle) due to my research. During my research I have found that the majority of female body builders use Deca (50mg-100mg). Along with every feminine cutting cycle I have researched contains these 3 steroids. Why would this be sold as a cycle if it didn't work. I do belive that the supplier would want returning business.


I just read that there is still a chance you could permanently mess up your voice with those choices (sorry I can't remember the article). I've seen it happen to a few women and its doesn't sound pretty. If your OK with that then good luck to you, but I would do some more research. I did a few cycles around 10 years ago not knowing what the hell I was doing. Turned out to be a total waste.


Im intereted to follow this post as well. Bushy and Schwartz will not steer your wrong. There are plenty of people out there that sell steriods that dont have a clue how they work and more importantly in your case dont know how they will work with women.
I personally dont have any experience designing cycles for women or would be more than happy to offer my advice. However id advise against the deca as the negative effects on women tend to definatly outweigh the positive. Deca is also typically run for 10 weeks min.


You have at least 2 people here (Bushy & Swartz) who have knowledge of femme cycles...Please do NOT use any of the gear without getting proper advice via PM from them...Having a changed voice, enlarged you know what, and a beard are serious consequenses of jumping in due to impatience...

Think it out, your role models are the women who have the physique but not the sides: If they did it, so can you, so if you are gonna' do it, do it right!...


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Thanks Bush for the advice. It is really helpful to get advice from people who know. Yes I have taken the Winstrol. The first few days seemed to give me joint pain. However, I continued to use it. I did notice increase strength with minimal muscle gain.

Like I said I did take the first dose of the Deca. And I do understand that there are side effects. I assumed that I could steer clear of the effects with a lower dosage. However, it does make sense to maybe try one at a time.

Are you suggesting that I only take the primo and use the winstrol towards the end of the cycle?


Here are my general steps for a novice female:

  1. Start with a single compound for your first cycle to assess side effects (virilization), effectiveness, and maximum dosage ceiling (before side effects occur). This compound should be very short-estered (oral or acetate/propionate-estered).

  2. If being conservative the second cycle should be another, yet different, single compound cycle. This is to find out the information as stated above for a different compound. The same ester rules from #1 apply.

  3. Third cycle should begin stacking these two drugs together, below the ceiling threshold for either drug alone, and possibly increase the dose slowly to find the ceiling threshold of the combined drugs.

  4. Fourth cycle should experiment with a conservative dose of a longer-estered compound, stacking with shorter-estered compound.
    If the total doses become too much the shorter-estered compound can be removed and the negative side effects of the total dose will be minimized.

Here are my general rules for females and AAS:

  1. Every woman responds differently based on their inherent femeninity. One woman can use up to 50mg/day of a compound with few side effects while another woman could only use up to 15mg/day.

  2. There is a dose-response relationship between AAS use and virilization. Example: if the max dosage ceiling before experiencing virilization is 50mg/day, the female could run this compound in any amount below this level and not experience virilization to any significant degree. This means there would be little difference in negative side effects between 15mg/day and 45mg/day, but 45mg/day would be more effective for building muscle.

  3. Less importantly there is a length-response relationship between AAS use and virilization. While AAS use below the max ceiling dosage won't cause significant virilization, as the cycle progresses in time these side effects will become more significant.

Example: many females will find no significant signs of virilization until week 6-8 of a cycle, at which time the signs of virilization become quickly pronounced, and at which time they should augment or end the cycle.

  1. Virilization is not initially permanent. A female can accrue a certain level of these symptoms over time before they become permanent, meaning that slight virilization may occur such as clitoral enlargement, but this enlargement will slowly reduce after the cycle is ended.

This relates back to #4 and #5: you can take a large dose for a short time, or a small dose for a long time, but not both, or else the virilization will become irreversible.

  1. A detailed summary of the previous three rules: cycle lengths should generally run no longer than 6-8 weeks (some as low as 4 if they have a more feminine biology) and doses should not exceed 25-50mg/day (some as low as 15mg/day if they have a mor feminine biology).

The upper end of these ranges is generally for fitness/figure competitions, though experienced users may be find they are able to extend these ranges. Novices should stay at the lower end.

  1. Long-estered steroids should only be used by advanced users who have enough experience to know what many compounds will do to their bodies at any given dose and cycle lengths. As these long-estered steroids will be in the body for a long period of time If the dose is to high or the cycle isn't ended early enough, the compound will be in their systems for too long of a period and permanent virilization will occur.

  2. Random stuff: low-dose AAS (10-20mg/day) may not give extreme muscle gains and fat loss to some females, but I've found that the mental changes the females experience from this dose lead to much more productive training and dieting.

  3. More random stuff: if a woman has more of an hourglass shape, softer features, larger breasts, and are more emotional they likely have a more feminine biology and will not be able to use higher doses or longer-cycles.

If a woman is more "stick-figure," generally leaner, smaller breasts, and has a more masculine/competitive outlook they are likely more masculine in biology than other females and can likely run higher doses for longer periods of time without experiencing negative side effects.

  1. Even more random stuff: some women will cease menstruation or have irregular menstrual cycles during and/or a short time after their AAS cycle while their body is trying to achieve hormonal homeostasis.

  1. Stacking two compounds at any given dose may be more effective than a single compound at the same dose. Even more beneficial is that stacking two compounds may allow for higher dosing without virilization compared to a single compound at the same dose.

anavar max ceiling dosage = 25mg/day
anavar + winstrol max ceiling dosage (combined) = 35mg/day

This is not a given, but is likely to be true of most females.


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You also state that you typicall eat between 1800 - 2100 calories a day. It might not seem that way, but it honestly seems to me like too much for trying to cut fat. If we go by a conservative 13 calories per pound of bodyweight, that puts you at 1742 calories per day.


Thanks to all of you for your advice. I really, really appreciate the time and effort spent.

According to Shwarz, I should experiment with one compound at a time. I have already taken 100mg of Deca two days ago. I have not taken Primo yet. My questions are this:

-Should I completely discontinue the deca?
-Should I only stick to the Primo?
-And you said to decrease the dosage of Primo to less than 50mg. (My body figure would fall under the more femine shape that you explained.)
-Would the combination of Primo and Clenbuterol along with the range of 1700 calories as Contrl stated help me achieve the leaner more cut look then the cycle I obviously did not need?

Again, I do appreciate your help guys!!!


miss chelle,

Do you have the winstrol and primo in tablets or injectables?


I advise you be carefull. You have one long estered drug in your system, Use it at a consistent dose over the next few weeks. Since deca is so long acting it will take 3 weeks before you really know what side effects it will create. Nandrolone is one of the tamest for females though so you'll probably be safe.

Primo on the other hand is very dangerous. Don't use the primo and nandrolone together.

I suggest using the winstrol with the nandrolone, once you have been on the nandrolone for over 4 weeks at 100mg per week.

Clitoral enlargement and libido changes and cessation of menstruation is a given. Most women accept these and enjoy as bleeding every 30 days is a pain in the ass anyway, and with the libido changes it is easier to climax - which makes sex more enjoyable.

Following your cycle your period will return, and the clitoris will shrink a little bit. As for people who say that women who do AAS grow a dick, this is inaccurate, and a huge exageration by ignorant individuals who are as missinformed as members of the media who report on the negative effects of steroids.

the truth is the clitorus swells up a little bit, but the growth is self-limiting if you only do small amounts of anabolic steroids.

Woman who have very elongated clitorus' both have the genetics - i.e. a pre-existing large clitorus, and have also done a lot of hard drugs such as testosterone.

The next set of sides are the ones you need to avoid - hair loss as in women you will either get a widow's peak, or lose it in patches throughout your head, bodyhair gain, and changes in voice which is permament. Make sure you have some aldactone (spironolactone) and even some proscar handy as these can reduce those sides if they begin to occur while on cycle using long acting esterfied gear.

Add the winstrol in at 10mg oral or injected per day.

you may increase as tolerated, but if you feel your throat getting sore, stop it immediately. I would not use more than 25mg per day of it and that is if you have a very high tolerance to androgens and have been able to work your way up that high without a problem.

Ideally as others have said, using injectables, with shorter half lives such as n durabolan (nandrolone phenylpropinate) is a better deal. I would just avoid primobolan (the injectable form) altogether. But don't bother with the oral form as it is a waste of money as not much of it gets absorbed.

Anyways everyone has their advices to give but I have first hand experience as my wife can't resist dipping her little fingers into my stash :wink: lol.

Good luck.



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