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Females and HGH

Can I give my lady hgh if so how much and how do I go about

You say “that’s for you babe” and give her a lil slap on the rear


Seriously tho can females take it with outside side effects

Seriously it’s a simple google search. Instead of relying on random people on a forum why don’t you do the research yourself?

Ain’t this what a forum is for lol why have forums why don’t everyone jus use google

Hgh won’t cause virilization, but has other impacts like insulin resistance.

Yeah sure it is but asking questions that you can find out with a 2 min google search just makes you look lazy (not having a go). If you do a bit of research on the subject first then ask questions you need clarified you will more then likely get more constructive answers.

From what I seen with a Google search women actually have higher natural levels of hgh then men do due to higher levels of estrogen (directly or indirectly I don’t know?). So yes females can take it without side effects. I guess the question is how much can be taken before side effects occur and would it even be necessary for a heathly young/middle age women to take it anyway.

How old is she? I wouldn’t do it unless she were in her late 40s or so. Just like test in a young man, a young woman’s HGH is high. External HGH would likely cause her natural production to cease.

If she is older, 2-3 iu/day would be a maintenance level. 4-5/day would help with fat burning. She doesn’t need any more than that.