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Females and BF% (PATRICIA!)

I have a female friend that recently leaned out to 10% bf. She looks great but she is concerned because she says her boobs shrank. She wants to know if she has permanantly lost out on bra size as a result of getting so lean. Will she have to deal with a smaller bust or will some size come back if she upped her bf a little? I had no idea what to tell her but knew that some of our resident T-vixens probably knew the answer. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Well, more than likely the fat will come back and her breasts will return to normal size, but only if her overall body fat percentage comes up. Also, as women approach low levels of body fat, estrogen production decreases, thus allowing the breasts to shrink a bit. Breast tissue is mostly fat and as with all fat stores, it will go away when the proper stimulus is provided.

Anyway, once body fat percentage goes back up, things should return to normal.

Thanks Jason I will let her know, she will be relieved. She likes her big boobies and so do I.