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Female - Var and Adderal Fat Loss Advice


Took a year off from the gym and really let myself go… Gained 20lbs of fat in a year and 2 months.
Part of thus is due to being prescribed 60mg of adderal a day and refusing ti take it everyday… When i dint take it my appetite skyrockets…when i do take it i dont wanna eat. So add that and not going to the gym its taken a toll.

So i am 26 female 5’5 173lbs

My fiance is into bodyvuilding and does take steroids and he ordered me anavar and had me do some research whuch finally led me just finally asking a forum group.

Started 6/5/19
i take 30mg of adderal a day
10ml anavar oral
2 bodydynamic slimvance
2 bodydynamic via

Day 1 workout full body
6 laps

30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec squats
30 sec lunges
3 laps
2 laps
1 lap
30 sec rest

30 sec dumbbell chest press
30 sec dumbbell rows
30 sec floor jacks
3 laps
2 laps
1 lap
30 sec rest

30 sec dumbbell overhead press squat
30 sec kettle bell swings
30 sec v sit ups
3 laps
2 laps

3 laps … Done

Day 2 6/6/19

6 laps
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec squats
30 sec lunges
30 sec bicycle crunches
1 lap
1 lap

30 sec sandbag overhead squats
30 sec sandbag laps
30 sec burpees
Repeat 2 more times
30sec rest

30 sec box jumps/steps
30 sec slam ball
30 sec figure skaters
Repeat 2 more times
30 sec rest

30 sec ropes (together, alternating, circles)
30 sec jump rope
10 push ups
Repeat 2 more times
30 sec rest

With partner 50 medicine ball crunches each
60 sec plank
30 sec superman
25 medicine ball crunches
30 sec right side plank
30 sec left side plank
30 sec superman

This program 10 days long With sundays off

What kind of results Should i see if doing similar workouts 6 days a week for the next 4-6 weeks (anavar cycle)?
What kind of diet should I incorporate?

I just need some advice

From my research i know anavar is not a mircle drug for weight loss i know that it will help build/keep muscle mass while losing body fat.
I know that i need a calorie deficit
With taking my adderal and the body dynamics supplements should i expect to see better results?


My advice… don’t. Only highly competitive body building females need AAS. You’re just looking to drop 20-30 lbs. You don’t need to screw with your hormones to do that. Stick with your work out program, monitor your calories and and you should be able to hit your goal in 3-6 months easy.

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Thank you for the tip


Nope! Don’t do it.

You need to loose 20lbs of fat and tone a little. That’s not the purpose of anavar for females. Sure it could help achieve this quicker but the potential side effects (deep voice, body hair, enlarged clit) make this a no brainer on why you shouldn’t.

It also worries me that your finance reccomeded this to you especially sense he has supposed knowledge on steroid use. No offense but I wouldn’t take anything else he recommends until you do your own research.

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This is not a helpful number. ML is meaningless absent a concentration of the drug per ml. Also, is your anavar seriously a liquid? Because that’s a big red flag.


Yes… He purchased from someone he has always used and trusts.
But i appreciate all the information and advice. I will continue my routine and not take it until i know and understand more


Is it clumpy? Or is the liquid very smooth and evenly mixed?


Hi Guys

Sorry for thread hijack.
Im also interested in this info. My partner has also had some issues and I also mentioned anavar to her as it seems to be the safest AAS for women.
In my partners case she finds it almost impossible to gain muscle. Even with regular training (3x a week) and a good diet (not bodybuilder good but good enough that she should see muscle imrpovements.)

She has a small frame and she isnt “fat” but she has what she does have is mostly fat.
Would a 5mg Anavar p/day be something that could be considered for her? 4-6 weeks.

Ive also seen winstrol being mentioned as a muscle gainer for women. She does not need to lose much/any fat.



It also o think im not positive cuz im not looking at the bottle but has a 8 or 9 hour half life


It is very smooth clear and evenly mixed i can take a picture of the bottle when i get home from my training today. I cant describe the flavor… Its like if you were to chew up a pill flavor . we use a no dropper to pull from the bottle.


This term “safest for woman” is tossed around so often that it leads people to believe that it mean it actually safe for woman.

This is not the case.

Let’s assume you have raw tested anavar powder. And you are able to measure it out precisely. Anavar is still a slightly androgenic steroid it can and will cause masculinity in females. How sensitive a female is to this varies from individual. The problem is you don’t know until you try it how sensitive you are. You might be able to get away with a short cycle with no issues or you might have a mini dick and sound like hulk hogan by the 10th week.

If that’s a risk anyone willing to take to shed some extra fat or tone up then go right ahead. I personally could never suggest this as a good idea to my wife or any female who isn’t a professional BB and is 100% willing to accept the body changes to meet their goals.


Then it’s not anavar. Anavar is notorious for being difficult to mix in solution unless you’re using some serious, high test alcohol. It should taste like paint thinner, not a ground up pill. A source is only as trustworthy as their last transaction. Unless your boyfriend’s guy is testing his raws independently before making solutions (hint: he’s not; very few of them do) then he has no idea what he’s actually getting. I would use your man as a guinea pig first for a week or so, since the effect of it being not anavar would be considerably less dangerous for him than for you. Harm reduction is rule #1.


This thread makes me feel panicky. Why take anything with the potential to be negatively life-changing? Does your fiancé favor an exceptionally muscular look in women? Do YOU, @clila93?


The entire Pharma forum should make you panicky then, nobody is discussing therapeutic dosing here.


Hi Zeek. Yes we understand safest doesnt mean side effect / problem free.
The thing is after doing some of our own research we have come to think she has some sort of genetic syndrome that’s causing her to have low amounts of muscle.
She knows about my use of gear and is 100% against it although she knows I love the sport of bodybuilding.
So trust me for her to be even slightly open to this means she is hoping it to be more of bringing her to that of a “normal woman”.
We are hoping a small dose of anavar/winstrol will allow her to build just abit of muscle. Nothing in the lines of bodybuilding/fitness model etc.


Not at all. A thread was locked yesterday that made me irritated and sad, a 16yo wanting to skip the “work hard” part. The vast majority of the posters in the forum are adult men messing with substances that align with their gender. Women use birth control pills and estrogen and progesterone post-hysterectomy and -menopause without any panic on my part. Men wanting to transition to female and women wanting to become males take hormones with minimal panic on my part.

This is pretty different, no?

When she forgets her stimulants, undoubtedly prescribed for ADHD rather than appetite suppression (but whatever, that’s fine) she gains weight. So now she’s started taking the adderall and getting serious about diet and training, which should work a charm, but wants, or her fiancé wants, AAS…for what?

In addition to wondering why she doesn’t just do the shit she already knows works, my attention focuses on the fiancé recommending this, because I question his goals and his willingness to play with her basic makeup. I suppose at the bottom of it, that’s really the basis of my panicky feelings. That and imagining myself accidentally developing male pattern baldness and penis-like genitalia when I just wanted to get buff.

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No offense but your not a doctor. You are not qualified in the slightest to diagnose anyone with a “genetic syndrome” or any kind of muscle disease. If you seriously think this you do what any responsible partner does you seek professional medical help get her diagnosed then see what they have to offer. I guarantee it’s not going to be anavar.

I’m not sure how building large amounts of muscle with the possibility of developing male traits equates to a “normal woman”

I agree with you 100% I understood exactly what you were getting at in your previous post. Altho it doesn’t make me “panicky” so to speak it makes me doubt her finances knowledge of steroids and actually irritates me that someone would be willing to put thier partner under such risk.

If a female says she’s a bodybuilder and understands the risk then by all means use as much gear as your heart desires it’s not about if you will slowy turn into a male it’s how fast will you turn into a male but for the finance here and the other gentleman diagnosing his partner those actions are some of the most irresponsible harmful use of steroids I have seen on this forum. I think I’d rather see the 16 year old kid from yesterday run a cycle then see you all play coach and start dosing your ladies with anavar.


Your panicky feelings would come from a thread explaining that some woman is dosing her man with estrogen in hopes that he’ll have softer skin, or some such, and imagining yourself becoming accidentally female as a side effect (“oops, sorry, babe, didn’t expect THAT to happen!”). It’s so completely fucked up.

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60 mg/day of Adderall is a lot. I know, I have that prescription for ADD, only mine is actually 80 mg. Her partner went and got her something that his bros assured him would work and be safe for her, and he went to someone he trusts. He and his bros are wrong, but I think that his heart is actually in the right place. That being said, all of this stuff is pretty minor in the grand scheme of people doing stupid things. Is taking like anavar a good plan? No, but neither is 60mg of Adderall honestly and she got that from a medical professional. In my exerience, that small dose of anavar would be less dangerous to her than that giant dose of Adderall, even if it had been legit product that worked. For all we know her guy intentionally got her something fake and completely placebo just to motivate her.

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Im prescribed 60 mg of adderal a day by my doctor for add/ADHD and borderline narcolepsy.