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Female UK Bodybuilder: Hard to Meet Men


She's spent years bulking up in a bid to be a world champion bodybuilder.

But now Rene Campbell, 35, claims that her muscular physique has stopped her from finding love, and for the past nine years she has remained single.


Ms Campbell, who boasts 26 inch thighs and size 18 shoulders, works out intensively for two hours a day and sticks to a strict meal plan, which sees her eating seven chicken breasts and consuming 4,200 calories in the space of little more than 12 hours.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2128219/The-way-I-look-makes-hard-meet-men-UKs-biggest-female-bodybuilder-reveals-shes-single-years.html#ixzz1rkfZwxpO


She has no forearms, I call roidz.


If that's not a man, than I cannot call myself one.


Wow. She's come a long way. She looks great. Her face is still very feminine.

But hard to meet men? What about bodybuilders? They'd cook her chicken for her.


There's usually someone for everyone. Maybe she just has a bad personality.


If you look really closely you can see they photoshopped his dick away



I think she looks just fine. She obviously trains/conditions hard and she probably doesn't look that ripped year round. Much respect for her results.

I actually posted this because of the diet. :wink: 4200 cals is no joke-- a lot of folks here could learn from that example.


Not my first choice, but she does look great. WAY better than the fake tan, silicone titted freaks at the national level.


I call she has teeth like an Englishman....wait


damn she eats a lot of chicken!


I would totally fuck her.

I dated a semi-pro female bodybuilder for several months --- she did a fair amount of parabolin so her clit was huge, and she was constantly horny and hyper-orgasmic.

She looks terrible now, like a man with bolt-on tits.

But for one glorious summer, she was awe-inspiring.


is it me, or do all of Ruffies storys sound intriguing?


In theory, maybe, but passed out girls are not my cup of tea.

Too many act like that without any chemical assistance whatsoever.


Yes, reaching for the brass ring just one too many times.


I'd do her. Just to touch her hawt abz and to say a chick did me.


I KNEW this was a Daily mail story before I even clicked on the thread.


You also gotta keep in mind that just like any top-level competitor, she leads a VERY structured life...that kinda thing isn't conducive to relationships.


Some of you said you would do her, what about a serious relationship though? If she puts in any effort I'm sure she doesn't have a shortage of guys willing to try out a female bodybuilder, but would not be seen in public with her.


Dun get it, should of at least knew that the amount of guys that would date her would go SIGNIFICANTLY DOWN.


If I were dating her I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with her in public...that's a girly man thing.