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Female Track and Field Thrower


Hi my name is Kayla I am a 20 year old female that throws the shot put, discus, hammer, and weight throw in Track and Field. I have not been lifting for several months due to an ongoing back injury that happened when I was 18. The last time I maxed before I was re-injured I leg pressed 630lbs, bench pressed 210lbs, hang cleaned 210lbs, and hang snatched 135lbs.

I am looking for advice to get stronger within these next three months before I head off to school again. The closest I have ever gotten to taking supplements was drinking muscle milk, because of drug testing I have been wary of taking anything else. If there is any advice on any workout programs that I could try I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you for the help.



Your specific situation makes it hard for me to give you a specific workout recommendation. I would really like to help, especially since it looks like you have good physical potential. But with an athlete who needs to be finely tuned and who has been injured in the past, it is almost impossible to do so without being able to work personally with said athlete.

For example you mention an ongoing back injury... was it due to an accident, repetitive stress, muscle imbalance, structural problem?

If the problem stems from muscle imbalances the exercise selection would be directed to correcting these imbalances before anything else. If it's structural you'd need to see if your posture can be improved. If it's from repetitive stress then several movements could be proscribed, etc.

And this is only one small piece of the puzzle. So you can see how a complete assessment would be necessary.


My back injury is in my C5 where there is a deformity on the right side (this was unknown my first year in college)also my discs in my back are fairly compressed. My muscles got aggravated when my coach kept pushing me to add weight and get stronger when learning olympic style lifting when I first went to college. From then I was told I could not attempt to heavily load my spine with squats or else I could not lift again. I have been working hard to strengthen my core as much as I can. My back acts up when I push myself too hard (which I love to do) but after rest, a adjustment, and a little therapy I can lift again. I love to lift and throw. I understand it is hard to give the correct help via mediated communication and not being able to personally see or work with an athlete. Thank you for your attempt to help me I understand my request it is near impossible to complete over the internet.