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Female Supplements

Does anyone have any good ideas as to what supplements a female should take? I’ve taken Grow! before and I still take it once in a while after a hard day at the gym, but I kinda want something else to add on top of that.

I’d consider Surge and Grow! to be the base of any supplementation program. I would also add in a multivitamin and/or ZMA. Fahrenheit was specifically made for women.

You can use most of the things men take, with the exception of steroids, prohormones, test boosters and anti-E’s. Some women do take these, but I think most people on this board would advise against it for all but the most experienced/dedicated women.

note: I’m a man and have no experience training/supplementing women.

MANY of the ladies round here seem to LOVE Methoxy-7 for its hardening effect. I like it as well.

You might take a look at Carbolin 19 as well.

Other than that Creatine, of Course Surge and Grow! are staples. Etc.

What are your present and long term goal. That would help in pointing you on where to look as far as supplementation, diet and training.

Fire On back and we’ll try and help,

Surge is excellent postworkout and Grow! is the tastiest protein powder I’ve found. I’ve used HOT-ROX when losing fat and am now using Methoxy-7.

I add creatine to my Surge and have been trying beta-alanine lately for enhanced recovery and strength gains.

While not exactly a supplement, Grow! bars are very tasty and convenient. I saw in your other post that you’re in college with limited cooking resources, I would think stocking up on Grow! and Grow! bars would be a great idea. Get a little blender and add oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, etc to your Grow! shakes for a couple of healthy meals. Good luck!

Well, it depends on your goals. If you are trying to add muscle, food is your most important supplement. This is where most beginners, especially females, fail. Because they are so afraid of gaining fat they do not increase their caloric intake enough to support muscle growth. While Surge and Grow! may be great to add to your routine, eating enough of good high quality food is the most important thing you can do to fuel your training.

I try to eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight a day, and I’m a 145 pound female. That’s a lot of protein everyday. (I’m eating a big fat roast beef sammich on whole wheat bread as I write this).

Also, drink a lot of water. I read a quote here recently that water is the most anabolic of supplements. That’s very true.
Eat a lot, eat often and drink a lot of water.