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Female Starting Anavar


Hey all, I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with a drug interaction question.

I competed in bikini in the past and am moving to figure, and I will be begin taking avavar later on this week to help me add a bit more mass and start leaning out a bit. I’ve never taken it before but am going to start out at 5mg per day and go from there.

I recently started taking Effexor (an SNRI) for anxiety as well. I am currently alternating 37.5mg one day and 75mg the next, and because I HATE IT, I am trying to slowly decrease my dosage and get off of it entirely in the coming weeks.

(I have very mild anxiety and I think that my doctor jumped the gun prescribing me a nasty SNRI like Effexor, which has some significant sides… namely fat gain in my case, but also lightheadedness, nausea, dizziness, etc. – but I digress…)

I have been looking around quite a bit and can’t seem to find anything stating that a small amount of anavar and my current dose of Effexor is dangerous, but I’m hoping that some of you here on this forum may have some additional insight.

My coach doesn’t seem to think it is an issue, but more information can’t hurt.

If anyone has any experience taking an SNRI and Anavar (especially ladies) I’d love to read all about it.



Hi, Its unlikely you will get any negatives from drug interactions.
Aside from the anavar the main thing to look out for will be when you decrease/eliminate your antidepressant. Some of them can take a really long time to come off without getting acute anxiety. There is also a chance of relapse into depression. As you were obviously taking them for a reason you need to assess when you are reducing them if you still need them.

Slow reduction is a good idea, work down to minimum daily dose over a month or two. If all goes well, go to a minimum daily dose every second day. Stay on that a while, if still going well min dose every third day etc.

Everyone is slightly different you may or may not have a problem at all depending upon how long you have been on them.

Good luck with it.


I have no idea about the drug interaction, but my wife is on low dose effexor to counter hot flashes and is on hormone replacement therapy too. She is fine with the two so I would be surprised if anavar has any interaction.

You won’t find many women posting here but if you know how to read it, you can find a subforum in the steroids section for the XX types. I think you should figure out how to find it if you see my hint and read it.