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Female Sports Fans


Last night I was eating dinner with a few friends of mine in a public place and the Phillies/Giants game was on. I am a huge baseball fan and I was rooting for the Phillies, as my team did not make it to post-season play, and this group of women behind us was cheering for the Giants. After we finished my friend was complaining that he really did not like female sports fans. Personally I love it when women are really into sports. Anyone have an opinion?


my opinion? your friend is weird.

ETA: I would also like to hypothesize that female baseball fans don't have daddy issues. Most of us learned about baseball and learned to love it from our dads.


My opinion: fuck the Phillies


And fuck you for rooting for them


I like women athletes, but could care less about anyone being a sports fan.

Forgot to add; your friend is a douche.


What's your team DB?


take wild guess


I don't mind whether women are sports fans or not, but I hate when they pretend to be sports fans.

And furthermore, I hate when they try to engage is sports conversation when they clearly have no idea what they're talking about. If the person is a true fan and can hold an intelligent sports conversation, great. If not, go sit back at the kiddies table, let the men talk and stop crying out for attention.


I would figure that it's the Giants, it's a shame that they aren't going to make it. At least they made it to the post-season though. More than I can say for my Cardinals


Women should spend less time on sports and more time on making sammiches and laundry. Cleaning the house, grocery shopping, doing their hair and nails, shaving their various parts. Cleaning out the garage, taking the dog to the vets, making the bed, getting me coffee/beer when I want it. Washing the jeep...

Do I need to go on?

(BTW, what good is a woman that doesn't have daddy issues anyway?)


yeah I should've ammended the daddy issue thing to include the fact that some guys like girls with daddy issues. (please see all threads referring to preference for crazy bitches)

My sammich making skills were also learned from my dad. First man I ever made a sammich for and I was maybe five or six years old.

If you are on my sammich list you will always get a sammich while we watch the game.



Go Giants!

(I'll do most anything for a sammich!)


The LA Galaxy


The only women who should be around sports are cheerleaders


I would marry Michelle Beadle


Hard to argue with that kinda logic.


The Niners Cheerleaders practice in the aerobics room at my gym.
They really are top notch females.
Really beautiful.


^^if they look like this I dont mind.

I like it if a girl is into sports but one time I was watching a UFC fight and there was a girl at the house who claimed to be the biggest MMA fan ever and talked all about it... it was the worst thing ever. Kinda like what Lanky was saying... if you dont really know what you're talking about STFU


I used to date one of them about six years ago. Then she became a Raiders cheerleader and I dumped her.


She became too classy for ya Coop? Don't hate on the Raiders...they need all the love they can get.