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FEMALE - RAW - 190lbs Bench Press PR


Hey All,

Just wanted to share my latest bench press PR.

more videos:


Any constructive criticism welcome!

Competition coming up in November, hoping to hit 200lbs on the bench. 345 deadlift. 285 squat.

Qualified for January TAMPA FL RAW UNITED comp in 2010. Anybody else planning on heading down there?



That's pretty impressive. All of your #'s are.



In comment your profile avatar, I still haven't tried using any ammonia inhalants before a lift!


Wow, you're definitely stronger than a lot of the guys at my gym.


OMG I have the same wrist wraps, those things are the shit!, if you fuckin torque on them till your hand is screaming, you have alot more grip strength on the deadlift


nice, great form too, looks like you can hit 200 right now


haha you got a thousand 5 pounders on there, i had to laugh. i have this thing where if i can put bigger plates on i have to switch to them, no clue why it bugs me. great job though, i bet it feels good!


hahaha, I know what you mean, but then again, who cares! We only like putting the other plates on 'cause the bigger the plates, the stronger you "look" :slightly_smiling:


Thanks! I went for 195, but had already done three other max attempts before, so next time I'll go for more before burning out!


Lol, x2 on your being stronger than most guys at my gym, and I lift at a D1 college gym.

Great lift.


So, uh, marry me?


Seriously though great lifting. I am a little curious about your foot placement on the bench tho, when you are that far up on your toes are you still able to get leg drive?


Congrats!!!!, Great form looks like you got a 200lb press in ya



You're good for well over 200. I'm sure you'll blow away all of the goals you've got listed there. Good luck!


My heels don't touch the ground either. My legs are pulled back as far as they can go. I still concentrate on pushing through my heels.


Nice work! I wish I could arch like that, great form. 200lbs is coming up soon.


Yeah, the more arch the stronger I feel, 'cause my back is completely engaged and feet end up secondary.

And that's great about the D1 college gym, hahaha...eeesh :slight_smile:


Hey 5ft2 what wt class & fed? Raw?



Hey Boffin,

I competed in May in the 148lb WOmen's Open and Junior division in the World Powerlifting Association.

This November I'll be competing at the Vt Powerlifting - %100 Raw and AAPF feds combined at one competition. I weigh 158lb at the moment!



just figured id let you know, i worked up to 405 on deads last night with just 4 45's on. haha i laughed and thought of this


haha, I'd have to agree. Saw lots of guys who were struggling 135 the other day.

Great job on your PR, looking forward to your 225 PR video soon :wink: