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Female Quarterback



This is pretty impressive. I've seen female kickers, and one 8th string female tackle. This chick actually threw 3 touchdowns in a varsity game as a sophomore.


That article has a pretty good opening sentence.


Nice role model. It's hard enough for a guy to make the team at the quarterback position. You've got to be smart and quick to be a quaterback. I give a lot of credit to the coaches for reconizing her abilities and not passing her by because of her sex.


I suspect a lot of guys volunteered to play center this year.


You know gojira, I played quarterback in high school. :slightly_smiling:



Hehe. That awesome that she plays and good at it, but I don't think I could tackle her, just feels wrong.


You've got to be kiddin me. You wouldn't hit her. I would hit her as hard as I possibly could. And when she was on the bottom of the pile I'd grab her ass and pull her hair. And when I got up I'd spit in her face and talk shit to her and make her fell like she needs to go play with dolls. Thats football, not this sissyball I wouldn't hit her crap.


You guys sound just like the guys I played high school ice hockey with... The guys would either not hit me at all or totally go out of their way to slam me. Checking is part of the game, why not treat me like any other player. I just wanted to play the game.


Having played Varsity football with a girl on the team (15 years ago now). I'm all for it, if she makes the team on skills and not just because of gender. Let's face it, anyone good enough to strap on a lid and make the squad deserves to be on the field. During a game, she was sent on a blitz, met the fullback in the hole and broke his femur. The funny thing, he was talking smack until then. 15 years later, he still walks with a limp!


LOL!! Oh, yet another moment to lose the job.

Seriously though, I dont see her going anywhere. I mean its cool where shes at, but did you see that vote below? College ball? Could you see her getting run over by a 300 lb train? There would be nothing left but entrails. Anytime she would get sacked, she'd be at risk for injury. That's just not realistic. She needs more meat, but if she had it, she probably couldnt move or throw either.


Haha.....dam straight.....


Spit in her face? WTF? Even if that was a dude, WTF?

I played football for a long time and I never had to spit in someone's face to let them know I was on the field and/or intimidate them. I let the pads do that for me.


I actually used to go to the same school as this chick. We have absolutely SUCKED for the last couple of decades.

Bishop Montgomery is just terrible. I think we hadn't one a homecoming in over 15 years at one point.

If a female quarterback be our savior, then so be it. At least we can say we're winning haha.


...? For one thing, your statement makes no sense, for another, how can you tell how meaty she in an above the waist shot with full gear on?


But you were totally up for grabbing their hair and playing grab ass.





I wonder if mommy let you play football?


You are insane.


Where it said she was 5'9" 140. Read the article a little better next time.


I don't have a problem with females entering male arenas as long as they can hang. I'm glad she turned down those interviews with Oprah and the rest of the she donkeys who want to turn her gender into an issue because, if she's really about playing, she'll stick it out. I remember a girl wrestler from another team who got crossfaced super hard and started crying on the mat and then their coach started yelling at the guy who did it...fuck that, if you want to play with the boys you should be prepared to be treated like one, and a JV quarterback who threw three touchdowns during junk time of a varsity game does not make headlines unless we're having a feel good, gender-based moment.