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Female prohormone problem

Hi Guys,My girlfreind will be competing in a high level bodybuilding contest in early Sept.In preparation she began using the prohormone equibolan & almost immediately[10 to 14 days]experienced some clitoral enlargement that scared her.Its been 10 days since she stopped the product & no improvement.Two years ago she used the “Androstederm” product for 6 weeks With great results & no problems.she has never used real steroids & doesnt want to.Can anyone provide a plan for taking care of the existing problem & suggest an alternative prohormone or other products to get her in her best shape for her contest.Thanks for your help.

Is it enlarged enough to cause her trouble or is she just worried about it? My wife went on some testoterone boosting therapy a while ago and her dose got a bit high for a while. Her clit enlarged noticably but it doesn’t protrude from the hood. It reduced some once the dose was lower but not all the way. It actually improves sex for her so she’s not complaining. Most women I’ve heard about that had clitoral enlargement (unless it was a huge amount) liked what it did for their sex life.

I can’t imagine a short run on prohormones would result in much enlargement for very long. Good luck though.

if this DID happen because of “pro-hormones” why in this world would either of you want to take a chance with her takeing ANY kind of hormones (pro or otherwise)? is one contest worth her haveing this mutation happen to her? I just don’t understand! anyway, peace

sorry one more thing, if “pro-hormones” do what they are supposed to do then what is the diff between “pro-hormones” and juice. just a thought. peace