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Female pro bodybuilders

G’day boys. I think Cory Everson is ( was )the most shaggable female pro ever. Does anyone agree?

2 gals come to mind: Tonya Knight, Janet Tech.

Rachel Mclish

I’d have to say Chyna.

I knew Cory real well, and I had a small crush on her until she told me that her favorite movie was “Harry and the Hendersons.” No lie.

Hey TC, You should have just told her that’s
what you named ‘The boys’ down there.
Maybe she would have gone in for a closer look!

Tonya Knight, good choice, but how can any woman reckin with Bev Francis at her MS Olympia peak! Now there was a whole lot of , well, nevermind…

Dp, Good line! I bow to a master!

Nicole Bass makes me cream my jeans.

Seriously I always thought Sharon Bruneau was smoking hot.Bounce a quarter off that hot ass any day.

Nothing against you guys, but I can’t understand why I used to be into muscle babes. Yeah Cory Everson was one of my favs but now I go for something a little softer (like veronica zemanova)

Even Cory is too muscular and “Manish” for my taste.

Rachel MClish…Chyna?..hehehe

hey, sure some of the old girls looked kinda good(McDish,knight,ect.) But I realy can’t believe that any hetro men out there think these modern freaks look good.Just come out of the closet guys, nobody cares anymore

Anja Langer looked very shaggable.I thought Cory was too until I saw her in some commercial on TV-Big Nose and obvious androgenized voice.

To quote Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) in “Saving Private Ryan”; “Sargeant…we have crossed some strange boundary here…and the world has taken a turn for the surreal…”. I’ve said this before. The Fitness Competitors of today are reaching (and in some cases surpassing in size) the Female Bodybuilders of the 80’s. Lucklily, they are maintaing (in my opininon)those beautiful lines, full and “feminine” muscle shape and overall aesthetic of those earlier competitors. However, anabolics and a push for more size is creeping into their ranks. (I recently saw in one of the mags a Fitness Competitor lineup, and the tell-tale signs were “creeping in”). Some of the examples you guys gave are actually good examples. Cory, Anja Langer, Tonya Knight, or Janet Tech could easily fit into the average Fitness Lineup today (aesthetics wise) and Timea Majorova, D.J. Wallis, Beth Horn or Monica Brant could have fit into an Olympia line-up of the 80’s. It will be VERY interesting if judging criteria will totally confuse and screw-up Fitness Competitions the way it has done Female Bodybuilding. I guess time will tell. It should be interesting!

Tonya Knight…until she opened her mouth
and you could hear that scraggly, roid ruined
female virilized voice.

There use to be a little fbb’er named Michelle
Ralabate (TC, you remember her?) who was
4’10" and had the tighest little box…errr…
uhmm…well…that’s what I heard anyhow. -


I have really wanted to do competitions (eventually), but every time I research the winners, they are more muscular than I want to be. I know they say they want a “softer” look now, but the hard ones always seem to win IMO. I wish they’d figure out what they want.

Ironbabe- Sadly, the drug use among the fitness girls is getting heavier and heavier. Some of the really hot ones from two years ago are starting to get those manly looking faces and deep voices from steroid use. The winners in the past were all using something, thyroid meds, clen etc. but they seems to dipping into their boyfriends/husbands’ androgens too here lately. Ever notice that when a fitness babe marries a popular BB, that within a year she starts to get really big and her face starts to change shape? Funny that.

It’s sort of like what Charlie Francis said about top athletes. Are there any clean, natural fitness competitors left? Sure. The losers.

Racheal McClish(spelling?) is,was,and will always be #1 with me!!

Big: If I’m not mistaken, Rachael, Anja and Corey are in their FORTIES and still hotter than a lot of the 20 somethings I see in the gym! (Am I right about their ages? I think so…)