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Female nutrition

My girllfriend really needs some dietary advice and I figured this was the place where I could get the most help. She is 5’8.5 and weighs 144 lbs. She likes to run long distances, and runs any where from 20-25 miles a week, she also does aerobics, and likes to lift weights. Her goal is to lose 10-12 pounds, and increase muscle tone, she would like to do this in 1.5 months time, which really is not that important. Since I really have no clue as to the needs of a women, especially one who trains like she does, I was wondering if some of the wiseman and women could lend a hand in getting her on track. She really needs a good meal plan and possibly work out plan as she has started to partake in some nasty habits that I do not want to mention, and I have finally convinced her that eating more is needed, and that a set diet would help her meet her goals. Any help is really greatly appreciated. Thanks

Print out the following articles for her:

“Fun with Women” by CT

“How to train a T-vixen”

“Running Man” by CT

“Foods that make you look good nekid”

“Don’t Diet” by JB (Appetite for Construction, issue 167).

“T-Dawg Diet 2.0”

“Meltdown Training”

The above articles will help her tremendously. As you will see in “Fun with Women,” she can train very similar to a man, with only some minor changes. She just needs to figure out which of the above training and nutrition articles will work for her. Some are general, and she should read and keep them on file.

Yo J_dawg!,
Whats up bro? Have her read “Fun With Women” by CT…do a search on t-mag…that should get her pointed in the right direction in terms of training. As for dietary recommendations…I know JB said that women should not follow massive eating in the same way that men do. They have to “chop-off” a certain percentage of total calories because they biomechanically different then men. Shoot…its in one of his Appetite For Constructions, but I forgot which issue. Can anyone throw me a bone? How’s the diet coming leading up to your photo shoot? talk to ya later my man…Tony G

Tony G,

Ah the power of search engine. I dunno how I could’ve missed this particular column, but I do not believe I’ve read it. frown

Appetite for Construction - Scroll to the middle for the article on women’s caloric needs when dieting

A woman needs not to train any differently than a man. Nor diet any differently. Training and diet is geared towards individual needs.

I am more partial to CT’s article “Fun With Women” since he addresses compound movements. All the other articles listed previously, of course, are must-reads.

Also, take note: “tone” is a four letter word. “Muscle Tone” is a “user friendly” term for “gaining LBM” or “muscle mass”. Your girlfriend wishes to acquire lean body mass so that her metabolism is picked up to where her body can burn bodyfat.

You also need to find out what her current composition is. What is her BF%? Something else to take note of: she runs AND takes part in aerobics? Aye carumba. My suggestion is to gear her towards LESS to all that running and aerobics and MORE weight training combined with HIIT. You also need to have her begin a food log so that you know how many calories a day she’s consuming.

Her goals ARE important right now. You’ll know how to direct her eating habits and training program in the right direction by her goals.

Thanks for “stepping up to the plate” for me and throwin el tigre a bone…grrrr…haha. See ya…Tony G

ah jeez Stella…thanks for putting that link up. that helps a bit in all the diet tweaking! :wink: i missed that one too. after trying the T-Dawg 2.0 first off i had problems finding the right caloric intake numbers…after fumbling a bit i found what worked. and it turns out the number is the same as what Berardi calculates in this article. . .

doh. :wink:

Thanks to all of you guys for the help, and I will definately get the articles too her, it is a little hard for me to hlep her the way I want to, as she lives half way across the US from me. On a side not she really enjoys to run and partakes in marathons, I have mentioned to her that being a marathon runner, will not go hand in hand with wanting to have the physique she desires. I feel that these articles are really going to help give her some insight as to what she should be doing, shall she choose to drop being a runner in pursuit of her preffered appearance. Ton-loc, as far as my own diet is going, things couldnt be better, I have really been liking the additional p-f meal, and have experienced some great tightness, which is blurred most of the time from all of the water I have been pounding, but when it comes time to deplete things will be ready to rock n roll. I just cant wait to carb up, man it has been a long time since I last had some rice cakes, or a baked potato.