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Female New to Strength/Rheumatoid Arthritis Survivor


I’m new to strength training and so far it has made me get out of bed with rheumatoid arthiritis that I got in 2012. But because of Bad nutrition and no exercise history I get injured every so often.

Right now my left shoulder is hurting when I do internal and external rotation with my arm 4"-5" away from my body. but as I start raising it it gets comfortable.

The other injury that I got last year was my adductors. As I picked a bodybar off the floor to practice deadlifts I felt pinching. It got better with muscle relaxants prescribed by an ortho but it came again. I think my form was poor too and the first time I was on my period.

This time when it came again it took 4 months to heal. The pain would go to my groin. I couldn’t do the FABERS test with my leg either. It’s the left leg that’s troublesome. So my weak spots on my left side are showing up in my training every so often. And it’s usually ball/socket joints. So despite my efforts to go heavy I always bite the dust and have to start all over again. Maybe it’s because RA ruined my synovial fluid and bursas. Anyhow, as a beginner and compared to the male and female beginners in my gym my progress is very speedy. I thought my shoulders were getting heavy too. I am only 5’1’’ and weigh 48 kilos. I want to increase muscle mass also because I going to be thirty in two years.

So muscles will go away anyway. Right not for my shoulders I am doing shoulder press and front raises. also abduction/adduction and rotations with resistance band.
This is what my performance is like so far. it keeps going in the gutter.


Is there a question here?