Female Needs Help!

I am a 23yr old female who is getting ready to go into Army OCS training. I just finished boot camp, and I have a 6week window where I need to train my ass off to be in the best shape of my life for OCS. I will be running about 4-50 miles per week, and hitting the weight room pretty hard trying to build my strength. My question for this forum is: what supplements are out there for me to help me get stronger and recover quicker from all of these intense workouts I will be doing. I really need all the help i can get on this one. Thanks in Advance, Jocelin

Simple: A good protein powder and perhaps Surge, GROW!, and creatine. Might consider Methoxy-7 (not for the thermogenic effect, but the protein synthesis). However, as long as you’re eating good, clean foods and if I were you, that’s what I would do FIRST: look into your present diet. Have you read any of Berardi’s articles here in T-Mag? I would. Also Chris Shugart’s excellent, “Heirarchy of Needs”. Nutrition is the base of every good program.

Food is of primary importance. In order to get stronger and recover, you need to fuel and replentish your body before and after your training sessions. Post-workout nutrition is very important. Check out Surge at the Biotest website. Also, do a search for “Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond” and “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle.” Good luck.

It would help if we knew a little more about your specifics (are you in shape now or not? How long have you been training? What’s your current bodyfat percentage, etc.), but I’ll take a shot.

First, Vitamin C. Not only will this help you recover, but it’s an excellent antioxidant (which helps when you’re under stress, as you will be). Second, Surge. Nothing better for recovering after a punishing weight session.

Hope this helps. Post back and let us know some details.

You should really look into the Methoxy 7 and Surge from biotest. The are great for replenishing all of the nutrients your body needs after you work out. The Methoxy will help with protien synthesis and make you feel stronger and more defined.

To answer your questions… I am in the greatest shape I have ever been in. I feel great! I can go out and run circle around most of the guys I know and, while I was in boot camp, i was the highest scoring person on all of the PT tests in my platoon! Guys or girls. I the 2- mile run in 13:06, did 88 full situps(in 2 minutes) and 73 push-ups(real guy-style pushups, in 2 minutes.)

I am in great shape now… I need to be bigger, better, and stronger for OCS though… No slacking here. I have a job to do!!!

Jocelin, you sound like a true T-vixen. So where are the pictures?!??

Appreciate the added info, however, saying “I’m in the best shape of my life” does not provide answers to such questions as, BF%? And “how long have you been training”

For you to develop/create a good nutritional plan and/or workout routine, ya gotta know what you have to work with now. But char-dawg suggested a very valuable supplement, often overlooked: Vitamin C. Eat good foods and supplement with C and /or B vitamins. In the meantime, read the FAQ for workout ideas, training suggestions as well as the articles mentioned above.

patricia, thanks again for the help. I have been training consistantly for about 11 months. I took a week break form all training about 2 and 1/2 months ago, and my BF, as of yesterday, was 13%. I am 5’2" and I weigh 112lbs. I have been taking a very good multi vitamin and anti-oxidant twice a day for the past 6 months, and I take extra Vitamins C and E. I am on a 2100 calorie diet and it consists of 50/30/20 C/P/F. I am just looking to step up. I have never used “supplements” before. I just want to know what is best. I love being very competitive and aggressive when it comes to my athletic abilities and I just want to get better. Maybe I will submit a T-vixen picture… ha ha

May I suggest that you then begin the 5x5 program. The article for this program is called, “Ripped, Rugged and Dense”, by Joel Marion. It appeared in Issue #214 of T-Mag.

As for supplements, I would look into a good protein powder. Grow by Biotest is excellent. Also, it was previously suggested to look into Surge. I would agree with that.

Just need a little more info. When you say you are “Hitting the gym pretty hard”, what are you doing and how much time are you spending there? Patricia uses no supplements, and is sronger than many guys (she recently deadlifted 280lbs), so just give us a little info on your workout routine, and we may be able to help you.

Patricia, again, I thank you for your responses. Other than adding the protien, what supplements are going to benefit me the most. I do have time to do 5X5 training for the next weeks, but after that, it is back to OCS and they will dictate my training there. I just need to build a great base here and find out what will help me the most. I know that nothing works over night, so I am trying to get evrything in my system as soon as possible so I can get the most out of the training I do. I will, however, be able to continue my supplementation even when I am at OCS. I just want to do it right, but I would also like all the help I can get. Thanks again!

I would try to find out how they structure their training and come as close to that as possible. Specificity, SAID principle, etc. you are a true specimen, with the numbers you’ve presented. Supplements? Food was the best answer so far. Jocelin, if there were more time, you could really start to gear some training cycles to resolve weaknesses, but with 6 weeks, I would stick with what they test you on, supplementing some additional exercises wisely. best way to run faster is to run fast, best way to do more pull ups is do pull ups. Best of luck

Jocelin: The supplements I list: Grow (or a good protein powder) and Surge will be your supplement “staples”. Creatine is another good one. So here is your “shopping list”: Protein powder (like, Grow), Surge and creatine. That’s it. And FOOD. Now, that’s REALLY it.

The 5x5 will be good for you in the next 6-weeks. You can supplement the 5x5 training with sprints, running (if you need to keep that up), and/or the jump rope. I perfomed the brunt of my ab training at home - which you can do, too. I wish you the best of luck!

Okay, so it sounds like you’ve got the basics covered. Supplement-wise, I would again place my vote for Surge, as it really makes a difference in how you feel the “next” workout and seems to be the only thing missing at this point.

Also, I would say that Patricia’s suggestion of 5x5 is a good one. However, I would change the duration of the program. At your age and degree of fitness I would imagine that you adapt pretty quickly to most exercise regimens.

You’ve got six weeks to work with. So I would do 5x5 for 2 and a half of those weeks, followed by a half-week’s rest. Then I’d do the Meltdown 1 (A search on the T-Mag - not Forum - search engine will turn this up) program, which will condition you more for endurance, some fat loss and lactic-acid tolerance. (Having gone through Marine Corps bootcamp myself, I can say that the lactic acid build-up on stuff like the obstacle course is a bitch.) Do this for another 2.5 weeks. Then take the last three-four days before OCS OFF so that you’ll be fully rested for their program.

And yes, we do definitely expect to see pics up on the T-mag pictures board over at Yahoo! in exchange for all this free advice. You say you’re in great shape - well there’s no boasting without posting, baby. Let’s see 'em!

Jocelyn,for diet I would eat as you are going to at bootcamp/training and use supps that you can have there. Then rather than focussing on maximal strength only, I’d work on increasing your work threshold ( so if I were you I’d contact coach Davies and get your butt into the RENEGADE style of training) then I’d also train at the same time they would ( 0500). As for gaining muscle, make what you have already, stronger, get leaner now, don’t look to get bigger, because once you don’t have enough food to support your mass it will dissappear and so will your strength. That’s just my humble opinion.

Hey everyone! Could she also benefit from a week off immeadiately before OCS training? Jocelin, I guess that for the length of time you’ll be training it may not make a differance over all. You be the judge. Also, you are way fitter than I! I’d suggest getting your brain pumped up as well! Get focused! I’m sure you know this better than I. But, I also know that the edge and will-power you’ll need reside there, in your heart and mind. Take it all, it’s yours to take. I suggest cutting all supplement cycles out long in advance as well. I assume you will not have access to them during training? If so, you want to be aware of your present limits without their aid. I’d suggest not using anything besides a multivitamen really. Instead, definately eat well. And I mean look at everything you eat and consider it in a scientific manner. This is no joke. When your brain gets really involved with your diet and you begin to really understand the perfect placement of nutrients pre, post, anytime- you will notice phenomenal outcomes. I believe even more so than with supplements.

I assumed wrong. :wink: Since you can use supplements- Go with power drive or something like it possibly as well as the other suggestions previously stated. Power-drive or some other neuro support may help keep you really focused, and pushing yourself that extra little bit. It also potentially helps with stress and there for aids in over all preformance and recovery. I still suggest none at all ideally though. You should be getting the same benefits that all supplements provide in your diet. Patricia, do you agree?

RS: Never thought about that one. If it’ll help her, then she should definitely consider including it as part of her arsenal of supplements.

And I like char-dawg's training suggestion. 2 1/2 weeks of 5x5 followed by Meltdown 1 training. Cool. That should do just fine.

I thought that Methoxy 7 was supposed to be an awesome supplement for women. Why is it not suggested? My wife used Mehtoxy 7 for 5 weeks(she is a runner and hits the gym 3times a week) and she got incredible results from it. She recovered quicker and she really toned up well. All frm the addition of Methoxy 7 and a protien shake every day. Why do none of you recommend this for her?