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Female Knee Pain With Squats


My wife and friends are developing problems with their knees when doing squats, lunges, box squats and most forms of knee flexion with weights. Is there a way to still do squatting movements but alleviate the soreness in the knee?


Some women need to adjust their squat form, especially if they are wide in the hips. Check out the biomechanics articles. If you are stressing your knees, you are using bad form or the weights are too heavy for you. Use the bar alone until you find your compensation.


My thoughts exactly. Knee pain from squats is almost always caused by improper technique. Lay off the lunges. My thoughts are that the benefits from this exercise are outweighed by the mechanical disadvantage placed on the knees. Squats and stiff leg DL will provide the same benefits as lunges.



Agreed about technique. That is most likely the root of the problem.