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Female Hormone Optimazation

I am huge fan of charles poliquin biosignature, unfortunately I live in a rural area, and do not have the finacial means to even have biosignature done. Though I do have the money to invest in a few supplements along with good quality food. I am especially interested in helping my wife optimize her hormones naturally.

She works very hard in gym doing strength training excercise, as well as following a good sound diet of low glycemic carbs, good fats, and quality protein. She seems to hold all her weight in her thighs and butt, along with some in her midsection. She has alot of signs of estrogen dominance such as menstrual irregularities, acne around cycle, low/no sex drive, insomnia. Maybe start with a generic protocol of DIM, Maca, and natural progesterone cream? Anyone have any ideas to bounce back. I am coming here to learn so hopefully I can get some responses. I have read as much stuff as I can find still very confused.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Milled flax seeds to bind excess estrogen in the blood and return it to the liver for processing.

Vitamin C (3000mg ED with bioflavinoids) to deload the enzyme pathway in the liver that clears E2.


Any good way to bias the elimination a bit toward the 16-hydroxy estrone and away from 2-hyroxy?