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Female Hormone for Sex Drive

 Just wondering.  I know steroids and men makes the sex drive go though the roof.  But what is the female hormone that controls there sex drive?  Would something like clomed block there esters and do it or is there something else that might work


If you find out let me know.. I'll be buying barrels of it


Anavar. Viagra. Not being a slob.


In my experience girls already have a crazy sex drive; they just make you work for it. If you are giving her what she wants then she won't be able to get enough of it.


it's not that my wife don't have a sex drive. It's that I"m cycling and was wondering if test a and tren puts mine though the roof. What could we give a women that would do the same to them. You know to make it matching. That would be like great.


Like PTD said var and/or viagra will do the trick.


Really Viagra?

German are you married becuase the pussy train slows down a bit after a few years of marrige.. Sometimes you dont wanna do all that Don Juan Fabio shit you just wanna bang.. Working for it is fucking exausting especially when your on 500mg of test & your pretty much in caveman mode..

Barfly its a good topic your not alone...I might be raiding my pops med cabinet for some bule diamonds :wink:


Yes, Viagra for women not men. Also, no I am not married so that maybe true but that is why I said "in my experience" :slight_smile: I'm on 600mg test now and I love the chase.

As far as I know women love orgasms just as much as men. Just to flip the tables a little how interested in sex would you be if you didn't get off at the end? Not trying to call anyone out but to put it simply not all men are created equally.


I lol'd.


Some times when cycling or if I have a few shots. I don't get off. I just keep on going until I get tired. I would enjoy it more yea. But it's also nice to know I get to get as much as I can handle. I call that my cardio since I have to run


Sounds like a prolactin issue. Im the same way. Lots of DHT = I nut faster than middle school. Lots of 19-NOR = average sexual encounter is a half-marathon.

Is she starting to have sex with you then getting burnt out after like 50 minutes of getting her head railed into some pillows? If thats the case your the problem, not her.

And I know this sounds like a GAL answer, but have you tried ignoring her?


Please tell us more. I'm having a hard time nutting and many other posters have the same issue. It does bug the girls when you don't come LOL They think you don't find them hot enough or something. I tell them I'm shy or some other BS but I hate lying, and just wish to solve this.

I was off cycle for 6 weeks and still couldn't orgasm easily - unless doing solo work watching the girls of the internet at work, then there's no issue... but the plan is not to do solo work all the time ha ha

So we are all hears of what you take for that. And I've taken Masteron. Isn't that DHT based? I'm guessing you take some proviron?

And on a site note, I though the original post was about how to make OUR sex drive a little lower. It can get so high on cycle it's ridiculous. Though we would all like to have the GFs a little more on the same page, that's for sure :slight_smile:



Though not technically hormones, they have the same effect on women as test does on men.


dr. my wife says your a smart man


Thus reinforcing the notion that all women are whores. Or to be more specific, pay a pro or buy shit for your girl, you're always paying for it one way or another...


Doing the dishes.
Chick flicks.

Nuff said.


Give me a Ferrari and i'll suck a cock.


SWIM gave his wife test prop in a very low dosage. His wife became a sex-aholic. Her libido went thru the roof. She wanted to fuck all the time and she told her husband that she understood how guys 'think' when comes to sex at that point.


Yea I just wouldn't want my wife to have more hair then I do.