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Female Head Football Coach


Saw this on ESPN this morning

Personally I don't think it matters that she's a female. If she can win games or at least make these guys better men, then there shouldn't be a problem. But losing your starting quarterback definetly is a set back that will probably have some people second guessing her.

Just wondering what people's opinions are on this...


Joke, fire her ass. It is obviously not affective to have your head coach coaching from the kitchen anyway.


As long as she doesn't make her players smoke creatinze and get compartment syndrome.



next they'll want equal rights.


And to vote.


And their own orgasms. I mean, the list goes on and on......


HaHaHaHa, got to love sarcasm.


Will we ever get all the perks that men get?


Only through surgery and T therapy. :slight_smile:




You should hear my uppity girlfriend!

"I'm not a beast of burden! Take these hay bales off my back!"
"I know I have small hands, but is it safe for me to unjam this wood chipper with the safety off?"
"I need oxygen to breathe!"

Give an inch, they take a mile...I swear...


Your perk is knowing I walk the earth somewhere. Now please, get back to making that ass look outstanding.


this story is gonna end with her banging, i mean molesting, one or more of the football players on her team. Possibly more than one at a time.


That's called perk of the job, right?


Nah, Head Coach is just the title they are giving the 'official sammich maker'.