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Female Genital Enhancement

I have seen Bill mention that topical application of androdiol or DHT would enlarge the clit but where can I easily get such products and is there any rational guess at doseage? Which topical product would be safe and/or does anyone know any grey market sources of the DHT cream.

As an experiment one could try soaking
the appropriate section of a pad in a steroid
ester oil, preferably a short chain one like
propionate or acetate. The ester is useless
except for increasing oil solubility, and
inactivates the steroid while it is still there, but through most skin, the ester is cleaved while passing through the skin, and that may be the case with the clit as well, so it might work. I don’t want to recommend it though.

Ok since know one else will I have to ask…WHY?
You guys have got to be curious at least!

Why enlarge the clit? Well, some women don’t
need it, but a lot would benefit from it.
I say this because most female steroid users
find this enlargement to be, at first, a
beneficial side effect, so long as size remains
no more than say half an inch. Once it
gets like 2 inches that’s just too much,
and personally I’d say over 1 inch is too much.

Basically it just gives more sensation
at the larger siz, I guess, but sure makes them hornier.

HOWEVER, adverse side effects such as irreversible voice deepening or hoarsening
can occur BEFORE any clitoral enlargement
occurs, so overall it is not something safe
to recommend.

Maybe one could use 5-alpha-androstanediol and make a spray like Androsol for this purpose. Brian Batcheldor suggested this as a possible anti-gyno agent if sprayed on the chest. I don’t know of any chem supply houses that carry it and I would be careful if using the current supplement out there containing it. Anyone know of a place I could get it? I’m looking for the active isomer.

John, an Androsol-like spray (for that matter,
one might be able to simply use Androsol)
would not be good for this purpose, except
possibly n the S/M situation, because the
isopropyl alcohol is probably excruciatingly
painful to the female genitals – it certainly
is to the scrotum.

This I believe is because the nerves are so
close to the surface in this area that the
nerve membranes actually experience a
significant concentration of alcohol, which
is not the case in most areas of the body
where the skin is thicker.

How about using another penetration enhancer in a cream. Maybe it could work in oil as well, the concentration would be low but should be effective with your protocol even though there is no ester. I certainly think that Androsol could be used as normal until the desired effect is attained as well. It’s probably better to use the Androsol anyway. There is better to control the duration of action AND you get the benefits of serum androgen increase as well, such as increased libido.