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Female Friend is Looking for Help Interpreting Bloodwork

Hi does anyone know of a ‘credible’ forum similar to Peaktestosterone but for women where women share a common understanding about healthy/optimal Hormonal balance?

My friend is looking for an interpretation of her blood work - She is Danish and the doctors in Denmark seem to have a limited practice concerning HRT.

Just getting a blood analysis pr request is very difficult.

This is her blood work:

She is 21 y/o and has symptoms pointing towards a hormonal imbalance, she is normal weight.


Lethargy and lack of motivation, low mood, low libido, decreased sensitivity to touch, decreased appetite, irregular & delayed menstruation cycles, Constant Inflammation around breasts muscles & intense pain when touched/massaged, acne on shoulders and face, White hair growth over entire face, Mild spontaneous anxiety during the day and Difficulty falling asleep.

17-Hydroxyprogesteron nmol/L 1.48
Reference range: < 3

Androstenedione nmol/L 4.93
Reference range: 2.4-8.9

[DHEAS] µmol/L 5.12
Reference range: 1.20-9.50

FSH IU/L 4.9
Reference range: 3.5-12.5

LH IU/L 3.9
Reference range: 0.5-18.0

Cortisol nmol/L 189
Reference range: 60-320

Progesterone nmol/L 0.7
Reference range: 0.6-4.7

TSH ×10-3 IU/L 1.71
Reference range: 0.40-4.80

Prolactin ×10-3 IU/L 310
Reference range: 35-600

SHBG nmol/L 63
Reference range: 18-144

Testosterone Total nmol/L 1.0
Reference range: 0.4-1.7

Testosterone free nmol/L 0.0141
Reference range: 0.006-0.034

Estradiol nmol/L 0.06
Reference range: 0.15-0.60

Vitamin B12 pmol/L 198
Reference range: > 200

gamma-Glutamyltransferase U/L 9
Reference range: 10-45

We need the lab ranges, without the ranges numbers are meaningless.

I have edited my post and added the reference ranges, thank you.

While I have no idea, Estradiol looks low. I would also look into B12 deficiency. She really needs further evaluation, and more blood work. I don’t know of any good forums for her, but both excelmale and allthingsmale have female HRT subforums. excelmale looks to be more active.

Good luck!

Is she taking any meds cuz even some bcs cause those side effects

I have an old friend who is an obgyn if you seriously hit a road block

Thank you, we are looking in to it now.

She is not taking any meds.
Thank you, we are trying the excelmale forum, but no luck jet

Ok has her weight fluctuated at all ever? Is her blood pressure a little low and how’s heart rate? And I hate omg hate to ask does she ever have bulimia. I’m an anorexic in recovery. I still have some issues cuz it can take years to for a body to recover and sometimes never from anorexias ravaging your body my bloodwork is finebut still have some side effects. If other site doesn’t work I can run past friend.