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Female Diet

Well guys I’ve tried to help out a friend of mine lose some weight. I made up a diet for her and gave her some guidelines, yet anything you guys could throw my way would be nice so I can try to help her out. Her stats look like this:

Age: 19
Weight: 202
BF%: 39%

I gave her some guidelines at 1700 cal with 36% Pro, 39% Carbs, and 25% Fat. I also gave her a copy of foods that help you look good naked. Her lbm is 123lbs but that times 13 for dieting wasn’t that much food and as you can tell she is a big girl. I have no clue how a womens body works, at least in the diet area, so I don’t know if this was a good idea or not.

I told her the basics for cardio and also told her to invest in some d-bells to do some basic stuff. She is to shy to venture into a gym. I would really like to give her some help as a lot of comments have been made towards her and she is kinda of feeling bad. But I know I would too. Well I am off to stare at myself in the mirror to see how much better I am then her.

From experience I know you need to start with the two MOST important factors:

  1. Commitment (not to be confused with motivation. This Ain’t Dr. Philly show)
  2. Discipline

Hammer these into her head and make it abundantly clear nothing you tell her will work if she does not have the commitment and discipline to undertake a diet and workout regimen. Much frustration has gone into many clients because they lack these and think they’re in for a free painless ride - well guess what Tony, Lama, Kurt, George, Tammie, and Mr Chang…it’s painful and hard. Got balls?

Once she’s got these, give her a high protein/low carbn diet, moderate in fats. Emphasize omega-3 fats which will improve body composition. T-Dawg 2.0 is good to go. High Octane Training by Mike Mahler sounds perfect for her.

She’ll learn to love the game. But she will need to learn Patience. Results dont come overnight, and when they come, there’s always more work to do.

Tell her to get her ass in this forum. Period. When someone is seriously striving for optimum health, no one here will laugh; quite the opposite, we’ll be there for her.

Also, there have been countless threads in this forum about “training for women” and “dieting for women”. Let me just that the consensus for training is that women CAN train with the same intensity as a man; as well as follow the same programs. As for diet? It’s also ALL individual. There’s NO diet “just for women”.

Question: how tall is she? Has she ever been physically active? How old is she?

Here’s something for you: for someone to get fit, a gym is not necessarily needed all the time. Check out the various bodyweight exercise ideas that have been provided here in T-Mag. Most cases, people just need to get physically active.

Well I would say she is about 5’5" and is 19. She has never been physically active to what I understand. To be honest if I sent her to the form she might get overwhelmed. In the article I gave her she was trying to figure out the whole cottage cheese thing. I thought that since she has been so lathergic(sp) for so long maybe just getting her to get up and move would be good. Do you think a general diet like the one above is a good idea?

I also instructed her to do cardio 3x a week and do some d-bell exercises at home 3x a week. I am just looking for any leap point for her. I am mainly concerned with the 1700 cals per day. Is that anywhere near were it should be? I really want to help her out on this. She does have some hot friends, so it would be nice to get in good with her. Or just get in one of her friends. Ok that may never happen, but I can at least help her lose weight :wink:

I’m with Patricia on all counts. Diets aren’t “male” or “female” specific. They just work.

Off the top of my head, here are two suggestions. One, 1700 cals may be too low. What is her maintenance level? If you get too strict with the dieting, not only might she lose motivation but progress may actually be slower than if the cals were a bit higher. Just something to think about.

Two, get her walking. Obese people quite often get decent results from just this activity, so long as it’s pursued on a regular basis. That’s the key, to get her into the habit of exercise.

You can go to previous issues, and print out for her the “T-vixen Round Table, Parts 1&2”.These articles are an excellent reference. The T- Vixens really lay it out regarding diet and excercise.

Fortunato: I’m a little concerned with your use of the word diet. As a former fatty female who has lost over 50 pounds (and is still losing, although at this point I am at the last few pounds of stubborn fat stage), I know from experience diets don’t work. At least, they don’t work over the long run.

If your friend really wants to lose weight, she should be adopting a food lifestyle plan. The Looking Good Nekkid article is a good place to start. The macronutrient ratio you have suggested to your friend sounds good too. I think, however–and this is just MHO–the calorie count is too low. 1700 calories a day will be hard to stick with over the long run.

When I first started losing my excess poundage–I was close to 189 at the time–I was consuming around 2500 calories a day. I lost slowly but losing slowly allowed me to change my eating habits permanently.

I am currently following the Berardi eating plan consuming 2100-2500 calories a day. I know the Berardi plan might seem radical for someone just starting out on the weight loss path. But, if you’re friend can do it then I recommend it. It’s relatively painless.

I plunked her stats into my Berardi calorie calculation formulas and according to the results, she would be able to eat around 2700 calories per day and lose weight. Of course, many people find Berardi’s caloric recommendations too high. I find them a bit high too, so I drop the TEF on non-training days.

If she feels shy about going to the gym, then working out at home is a good place to start. But don’t let her stay there. She will eventually need to train in a gym if she wants to progress.

I hope this helps.

What was her activity level and diet before you came into her life?

She doesn’t need the gym necessarily. It sounds like she just needs to get off the couch. Start out by walking everyday. This will begin the trend to become more physically active. If she’s never done anything before, she’ll see huge improvements right away. This applies to her diet as well. If she was mostly a junk food fan, any basic clean diet with lots of fiberous vegetables, protein, water, some complex carbs, and essential/healthy fats will turn her right around.

Im in the same boat as her, 19 5’4 I dont know my body fat percentage, but im not a petite girl. lol

If she came in here to t-mag, even for just support it would be great, She’d also probably learn alot along the way. Stopping by t-mag daily sure puts a smile on my face =D

Its best not to see it as a diet, but a way of life. You say cardio, but if she’s doing aerobics & she’s miserable (which when you’re overweight, doing aerobics not only isnt fun , i found it to be depressing & very painful) you might want to suggest having her do something she likes IE swimming/bike riding/a really good mountain hike.

I totally undersdtand the GYM-PHOBIA syndrome. I dont think i could step one foot into the gym parking lot without passing out, but I’ve made it my goal to someday get there. If she doesnt feel deprived (which I dont as long as I eat correctly, cant crave much if you’re eating every 2-3 hours lol) she’ll be much more likely to stay committed. Once the fat starts falling off, her confidence & attitude will soar. It doesnt happen overnight, and slow & steady wins the race.
It would be great to have her check out some sites of sucess stories. Or talk to people here who’ve been through it. Even though weight loss seems slower than fad diets(which we all know are the root of all evil anyways) I found that people met their goals ALOT faster than I thought eating right & working out correctly. I honestly thought it would take me 2 years to be significantly leaner, I now realize it would take me about 6-8 months if I kept up the good work. Let her know, we’re rooting for her!

My two personal favorate links besides T-mag for lots of uber inspiration.