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Female DHT Control

I recently inquired about an anti-DHT source to control acne and hair loss. (By the way I had no takers if anyone was wondering). So it got me thinking that a female could potentially use finasteride or dutasteride to stave off virilization.

Does anyone have any input on this? The way I see it is if it’s effective a women could potentially use some test up to a couple hundred milligrams each week without side effects, instead of like 50/wk.

i recall reading about it being used with methenolone to stave off masculinizing effects of higher doses. i would think dutasteride is better as it inhibits both isoforms of the 5a-reductase.

the problem i forsee with test is that the test itself is capable of causing masculinization even if conversion to DHT is blocked.

Interesting theory.

I would think that problems such as deep voice, jar thickening, “man-hands”, etc. would still be a concern. Just that they would not have the increase sex drive common with women and aas, less acne, no hairloss, not get that slightly enlarged clitoris that they actually love. I guess I don’t think that it would have many possitives, but… I don’t know.

Very interesting theory!


I just did a blood donation and asked about the questions on use of the HDT reducing drugs [they all seemed to be listed]. If you use, no donations till three years after you stop they said. I asked why…

They stated that these will cause birth defects to any woman who is pregnant, or soon will be, who gets a transfusion. So the idea above seems wrong in some respects.

I agree with one of the previous responders; the test itself is androgenizing enough without ever being converted to DHT. I think that logic is pretty skewed; alas, who knows…

like i said, it was finasteride to prevent masculinizing effects of primo, the dose quoted was 200mg every 5-7 days.

for the record, i think it is a bad idea for women to take steroids peroid, even ‘only’ 5mg of var split in two.

Thanks for the responses guys. I knew about the pregnancy issues, and it wouldn’t be a problem in this case. However I did forget that masculinization is not only DHT mediated. DHT just binds to the AR in certain tissues more than T. So without DHT you still have the elevated T (or similar compounds that bind to the AR) exerting the effects there. Oh well. Good thing I asked.

Couple of ways to combat DHT naturally.

ZMA is one, pregnenolone is another.

ZMA can help with some of the negative effects of DHT? I thought it just helped produce test and aided sleep…