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Female Cutting Cycle (Mesterolone Advice)

I need some help with my 16 weeks cutting cycle.

My doubt is: How long I run Mesterolone?
Or I stick with Drostanolone Propionate which I’m used to?

The weeks structure are like that:

1 to 12: 150mg of Boldenone per week (wed & sat injections)

1 to 8: 10mg of Oxandrolone per day
9 to 12: 20mg of Oxandrolone per day
13 to 16: 30mg of Oxandrolone per day

13 to 16: 25mg of Mesterolone per day
13 to 16: 20mg of Tamoxifen per day


9 to 14: 100mg of Drostanolone Propionate per week (e2d)
13 to 16: 20mg of Tamoxifen per day

I’m also running Clen 2 Weeks ON 2 Weeks OFF for the last 8 Weeks.

Advices for my Cycle will be appreciated.


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How big are you, those are some hefty doses for a female. Even a pretty big 1

I’m bigger than most girls. I’m tall and athletic.

My height is 185cm and I finished my 24 weeks bulk with 92kg and I started with 84kg.
Now I’m on a 8 weeks reverse diet. Then I’ll start my 16 week cutting.

I was already very athletic because of swimming throughout my life, but in this bulk I focused more on the quads, glutes and hamstrings. My quads are huge, strong and beautiful. Now I wanna shape and hard them… give them beautiful and defined lines.

Oxandrolone and Boldenone I’m very used to in the mentioned doses. Bold and Var are so great for female athletes.

But Tamoxifen and Mesterolone I’ve never used them together or alone.

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I would use niether of them as suggested. Proviron is pretty rough on females. So unless you want to sound like a man possibly I would sway away from it. Also as for the bold that’s another drug I wouldn’t advise for females, primo in the more advanced stages var, gh, and slin yes. Things female should stay away from are tren, nandrolones, test above 50mgs a week,(and that’s for very advanced competitor.

No offense, but a lot of the best prep coaches would agree.

Yep! You’re right.
That’s my main concern about Mesterolone. It’s purely androgenic, right?
That’s why I thought about it and also that’s why I not so sure about it.

I have a friend who always says: If you not sure, don’t run it.
We girls need to be more cautious about sides, because most are permanent.

My friend aways says to me: run one drug at a time, start with low doses, increase gradually between several cycles. See what’s the limit between anabolism of the drug at its maximum effective dose without many sides.

I always did that and I never got to many harsh sides using AAS. I’m on this for 6 years.
Sides is always going to happen in some level, but some are manageable some are not.
We girls need to know what we are able to deal with.

I have no idea how this new drug is gonna act in my body alone.
So… bad idea to attack it with other drugs.

I’ll stick with what I’m used to.
My body already knows how to handle Bold, Oxan, Metenolone, Drostanolone.
Thanks for remind me of that. :-}

About your drug overview… I’m gonna give you my experience about that. I never used Tren, so I can’t talk, but I used NPP and TPP.

NPP in small doses 50mg a week, I had great gains, lots of volume and minimal sides: like water retention and oily skin. I used it alone for 10 weeks. Started with 20mg and ended with 50mg. For my next OFF I’m gonna used it again. Great mass builder.

TPP in small doses 20mg a week, I had great gains but sides were a bit harsh. I was running it alone but I got super oily skin, my skin texture changed, my pores were more open and visible and after 6 weeks my voice started to fail. I stopped the cycle and everything went back to normal. For me, I can’t deal with deep voice. Some girls can, I can’t.

Thank you for reminding me not to mess around with my body.


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