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Female Bully Gets Punched Back

Thoughts on a young boy hitting a girl back after she seriously gives him a wallop? (I’ll tell you my opinion in a bit)


The person that wrote the title does not understand what a sucker punch is.

Edit: Going a little further, it makes it disproportionate response. A left hook does not equate a telegraphed open handed slap. I’d be at peace with an equal response, but that’s escalation.

Context of the conversation would be significant as well.

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Yeah, it was a telegraphed slap.

In terms of body size, she appeared bigger than him so there’s that. It looks like he’s had “training”, so he’s going to get in trouble from somewhere. He should’ve only slapped her back, but in the heat of the moment that’s hard to control. The body slam was unnecessary, although in his defense he did try to walk away.

Context of the argument/discussion would be relevant.


Justified! If you are bold enough to dish it out, be prepared to be on the receiving end of some form of retaliation.


Some form? Or some proportional form?

Ideally from a legal and social pov the response s proportional…that being said from a basic moral POV I can’t say I have a problem with a kid retaliating (especially when you consider this kid is only, what 11 or 12 maybe tops).

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If someone gets attacked, that someone should have the ability to fight back and incapacitate the attacker using the same means they were attacked with… IMO. Once the attacker is incapacitated is when the issue of unnecessary force comes into play IMO.


Can we assume her gender? How do we know she identifies as a female?


I just see a couple of kids sorting things out and learning some new lessons.

Had it gone further I might think differently, but it didn’t.


On principle, men are not supposed to hit women. Nor are women supposed to hit men.

If they’re willing to set principles aside for the satisfaction of a good smack, they need to understand that there is no going back. They primarily being the woman in this case, but men too. Once you start slapping and punching, there aren’t any do overs.


Yeah, she ain’t slapping anyone again anytime soon.

Does it matter if that is the boy’s sister?

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Yes, the parents need to send the girl to the same place or person that’s teaching the boy how to fight.


I wouldn’t have hit her, even as a young hot head. I think I’d have restrained her or pushed her off me.

That said, she brought it on herself. If you give it out don’t be surprised when you get it back. A lot of people don’t play by the fairer sex rule.

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Question for the no hit folks. (I’m in neither camp on this one as I find more context is needed)

Would you hit back a 120lb extremely feminine acting homosexual man that started hitting you?

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Agreed, violence should generally be used as a last resort, however temper/emotion can get the better of us sometimes… at which point it depends whether the response is proportionate

It appears a select few women (the majority would never do this) believe they can get away with whatever they want and thus take advantage of it. I’ve seen a few women close fist punch guys in the face when drunk (at parties, typically boyfriends or close friends). These aren’t typically nice people to begin with, it’s unacceptable behaviour. To state whether the man should be able to hit back or not is complex… I don’t think it’s right

Statistically a man has more upper body strength than a woman

This study found out of a cohort of man vs women guys possessed an on average 2.62 x stronger punch, and the weakest man in the cohort was still stronger than the strongest woman… this tells us a lot, and whilst it may be hard to walk away (as I saw in that video the man slapped her back… HARD) sometimes walking away is the best thing to do. If you can’t walk away, as I know anger can get the best of us (seeing red etc)… one needs to TRY control themselves (not always possible, I reccomend removing oneself from the premises before it gets to this point), don’t hit back properly, do what you have to in order to subdue you’re attacker.

If a girl was to do this to me, or try bottle me, kick me in the groin or something (thinking about what these girls will sometimes do) I’d restrain her with the least amount of force needed to do so. If witnesses/friends were around I’d ask the police be called if she were drunk and disorderly.

Even if it isn’t fair, you don’t flat out punch a girl unless you’re at serious risk (she has a knife, broken, sharp glass bottle, gun etc)… the potential for grievous injury is too high.

No, I would however use a reasonable amount of force to restrain him… my brother and I clash, I’m 5’5, about 160 he’s 5’11, 130 at a push and skinny fat, was born with a condition that makes his hands incredibly weak, he can’t throw a proper punch and has generalised full body weakness (though fantastic endurance, was a cross country runner… we are fraternal, even our skin colour is different). He wouldn’t be able to bench press much over say 60lbs (as a matter of fact I happen to know he can’t). I wouldn’t give him a close fisted punch back on the basis of

  • it isn’t fair
  • it’s excessive force

Unless my life were in danger I’d use the minimal amount of force deemed neseccary to exit the situation and/or subdue him.

I personally wouldn’t hit a girl back on receiving a slap , but that’s just my morals . . .

but i have no issue with the kids being kids. She deserved what she got for starting it, he attempted to cut himsefl out of the situation and walk away, and delt with the attacker when attacked, and once there was no sign of further harm he left it . Text book.

Plus she learnt a good lesson. Dont throw hands unless your gonna back it up.

At the start she confronts him about laughing about something/ someone (can’t acoustically understand what it is about).
He responds with “why, that’s normal”
She: “That’s normal to you?!”
She strikes him which seems kinda out of context.
He strikes back. Someone from the off: “diggah (bro), don’t do that”
Her friend’s: "Omg Melissa! Did you just give him a bomb?! (I am not familiar. Seemingly youth slang for hitting).
When she charged him again she was screaming: “You dirty little son of a whore!”

So it seems like this was a German school.

Edit: The original confrontation was about him laughing about " a boy, who…" (Again poor audio)

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Not likely. It’s Usually easy enough to duck, dodge, evade or what ever and find your way out of a scuffle with a smaller and less capable man or woman. Especially if the aggression and ability just isn’t there.

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To the original question…

-It is not okay to hit a female
-You should respond proportionately
-Sometimes you need to respond disproportionately
-That girl had it coming

I somehow feel these things are not mutually exclusive.