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Female Body?


Hi Guys,

This is a picture of me, Sierra and I am 41 years old Brazilian woman.

I work out 1 day a week to try to stay in shape so I can still wear my Bikinis.

I need to do better please some advice.




that's one of the things i like about brasil. there's a big body culture. everybody takin care of his/her body.
what kind of training you do? i like to know what works for women to get a lean body with some legs and ass.

just one more thing e gaucha?


You look great, Sierra! Keep up the good work! It's so fabulous when women past 35 still care enough to try to look sexy! I am in the US and too many women hang it up for the old lady "hide all skin" swim suit!


Thank you damichelangelo,

I do various things, I like to run for cardio and to keep toned I like to do squats, lunges, push ups, situps while using very light weights.

Also as important is diet at my age. I limit sugars and try to eat lean meats and low fat foods.


Hi Catnip,

I know what you are talking about because I am married to an American and live in San Diego. Even in San Diego which is known for a more healthy lifestyle many woman over 35 are overweight and just don't care. It is a shame.

I am 41 and at my age I still model occasionally and I also own my own bikini company where I design and we manufacture our own bikinis so staying in shape is very important.

Also, in South America woman find it their duty to keep their husbands happy so part of that is staying attractive and sexy. In America after a woman marries they think it doesn't matter to keep their man happy. That is the reason guys like the Governor of South Carolina fall in love with older South American woman.


Post your pics in this forum for the response you seem to be after:


how empowering for you.


Do you really want us to rate your physique for bikini competition??


I wonder how one would need to train / eat to get a body like this...




Ok little man, thank you for the advice.


Why are Australian men dumb as bricks and lack any class?


As a female from New Zealand, I often wonder this myself...

Seriously, though. This site is a bodybuilding site. There are a variety of sports... You have made it clear you have an interest in bikini. So... Do you want us to rate your physique with respect to how well we think you would do in a bikini competition? If you do... Then you have come to the right place.

Do you really want us to rate your physique with respect to how well we think you would do in a bikini competition?


Are you looking for guys to say 'I'd hit it!!'
If the latter is the case...

Post a pic to SAMA (Sex and the Male Animal forum). Guys don't mind skinny fat chicks who don't even lift over there. I'm sorry... But if you are serious about developing a competitive bikini physique you seriously need to rethink your nutrition and your training program.

If you don't want someone giving you this kind of feedback... Then you really shouldn't have posted to 'rate my physique' on a bodybuilding forum.



(I mean for you to get angry about this and be motivated to train hard by the way. shake weights and 1kg dumbbells won't cut it)



Alexus, I so wanna meet you in person...or at least more girls like you...lol.


completely random but that 2 girl walking lunges BB thing didnt look the best tho...to me one person is not gonna get anything out of that unless you were both perfectly matched up?


Im not going to rate this, because as was said before, this really shouldnt be rated based on a competitive standard.

However, i will say that is a great ass.


lemme see that pink gurl