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Female body parts

Where do you like to see muscles on a female?(external LOL)

I like a girl with a muscular butt; I’m an “ass man!”
This I know for a fact - people have been telling me
all my life: “your’re an ass, man,” so I guess it’s true!
he, he, he :slight_smile:

I like a six-pack but not ripped to the bone. And muscular legs and ass are always great.

joey z-if your an assman, y you like muscular ones?
chyna has a muscular one, and its gross.
a nice ass is a big one,soft, amy fadhi style

I love ass! that does sound bad i know but it is the first and last thing i look at on a girl. second would be abs - a hint of a six pack on a girl is almost as good as a nice ass.

I’m with Joey. A nice muscular set of glutes just can’t be beat.

ABS! My stunt partner has the best set of abs ive ever seen in person. she is sexy as hell!

Definitely legs. Not clydesdale-style though.

definitely go for tone and not for size. i like my women to still look like women, if they start getting muscular, touching her would be like touching myself. a firm ass, not muscular is the best and really toned legs and stomach is nice. also, no one likes jiggly arms, so at least keep those toned up a little too.

It’s not so much that I like to see a certain amount of muscle, or where that muscle is, but more the overall aesthetic that it portrays. Shoulders slightly rounded – not blended straight into the arms. Calves that have a definite mass high behind the knee, not just one straight slope from knee to ankle. Butt CANNOT be flat, period. Gotta have that upside-down heart shape. Definitely a flat stomach, not cut to where you could hide coins in it.

I think you two guys like abs and muscular asses are gay.
Having a flat stomach and a non-cellulite assis one thing, but I don’t wanna feel hardness.

Steve- The delevopment of the muscles is what makes the ass round. If there isn’t enough muscle, the ass will either be saggy or non-existent. I think muscles look really good on a girl. The thing that I think looks nasty is if they are too cut or too bony and anorexic-looking.

Apsolutely everywhere, but I don’t like ripped girls at all. Perhaps something like fitness girls in the off season.

look, you can have some muscle, but no hardness. It should be round and soft, like J-Lo, not chyna

Steve,is your last name Crawford? Bro, I agree with you regarding J.Lo. Body of J.Lo with fighter(Nikita)personality makes perfect woman.

how the hell you know who i am just cause I how I like my women?
yes it is steve crawford

I’ve been following you around,I know all about you baby…j/k There was a thread similar to this where I mentioned Cindy Crawford,so you said your last was Crawford,too. If I remember correctly,the two of us were the only guys who liked wider hips in a woman.

I see no muscle in women. All I see is fat and saggy skin due to excessive aerobic activities and malnutrition. All the women I know from the gym enter anorexic and/or bulimic mode sooner or later. Draz, you ghetto-bootie lover! :wink:

thats good, it’b funny if you actually knew me and recognized my posts based my love ass big asses.